In Which I Wave the White Flag

But just for today.

I'm still not done.  It all seemed so simple – bake bread (4 loaves), make puff pastry dough (oh, and I actually made two batches of dough – more on that tomorrow) so that I could make the Parisian Apple Tartlets for Tuesdays with Dorie – which, by the way, are everything I thought they'd be – and brownies for Alex to bring to school tomorrow to share (I'm using one of Dorie's brownie recipes – since I've already got the book out anyway, plus, they were cute) and oh, yeah, Bill and I'd planned to do some Asian dishes for dinner tonight – I wanted to make those scallion pancakes again, only using the garlic scapes from our garlic plante – and Bill needed broccoli for his recipe, and I managed to run (well, drive) to Lowe's for more Gator Grit stuff to sand the joint compound in the bedrooms (mainly Julia's), and to the grocery store for broccoli, tissues and chocolate chips and get back before the bread needed to come out of the oven AND before I had to give my puff pastry dough another fold. 

Oh, there's more I could add…but honestly?  I'm tired.  I'm weary.  I want to go SIT DOWN and watch the ball game and wrap Alex's presents and then GO.  TO.  SLEEP.

So I will upload all my pictures tomorrow morning and type up my TwD post and babble on about whatever else needs babbling about.

For now?  I'm done.  Goodnight!

7 thoughts on “In Which I Wave the White Flag

  1. Wow. And I thought I tried to do too much stuff at once. =) I hope you get/got to relax. I look forward to hearing about everything tomorrow,

  2. Wow, you’ve been crazy busy! I’m looking forward to your photos and everything tomorrow.

    Also, I have a farmer’s market question for you since I know you’ve posted about visiting them a few times now. I live in RI too and am looking for recommendations on good markets. I visited the one in Providence on Hope Street last weekend and really enjoyed it but want to check out a few others. Any you particularly like?

  3. Take a break, we’ll wait. What do you want to bet, that once ya’ll get the kids rooms finished and all their stuff moved in, that you wake up one morning and find Julia sleeping in Alex’s room on the floor. I’ll bet you a fried peach pie.

  4. Yes!  I go to the one at Goddard Park in East Greenwich a LOT – it’s small, but there are several excellent farms, plus a couple of people selling honey, maple syrup and things like that…a person who makes and sells dog treats…another who makes soaps and creams from local, natural ingredients (Julia loves the peppermint soap – it’s got swirls of pink).  That’s Friday mornings from 9 to 1.  Then, on Saturdays, there’s a farmers’ market at Casey Farm in Saunderstown.  We just went for the first time a few weeks ago, and I figure I want to try to hit that one maybe once a month.  Besides great produce, they sell locally made coffee, grass-fed beef and lamb…pork, chicken, oysters, steamers and littlenecks…Farmstead Cheese has a stand there, and so does Olga’s Cup & Saucer – good pastries.  Oh – Palmieri bakery is at the Goddard Park one too.

    And there’s going to be another East Greenwich market on mondays from 3-7 or something – never been to it, but I’ll be checking it out when they open.  They don’t start til June 22nd.

    Also, there’s one on the URI campus on Saturday mornings – I used to go to that when I lived in Wakefield – it was always good.  I think someone sold lobsters there, too, though I’m not sure if he’s still there – it’s been years.

    I still want to check out more of them.  I haven’t been to any in Providence, for instance, and I feel like I NEED to. 

    Anyway, there’s my long-winded response!


  5. I won’t take your bet because I know you’re right!  In fact, I’d bet Julia won’t be on the floor – she’ll climb into bed with Alex and they can beat each other up in their sleep.  (They both flail around a lot.  I had an elbow to the nose from Julia not too long ago when she crept into our bed.)  But mmm…fried peach pie sounds yummy!

  6. Thanks so much Jayne! It looks like I’m going to be quite busy this summer trying to get around to all of these markets! Sounds like some of the vendors you mentioned might have been at the market I visited in Providence. There was someone selling dog treats, a local soap maker and a grass-fed meat stand, in addition to a ton of other vendors. Having absolutely no basis for comparison, I thought the one in Providence had great variety (there was a craft section too).

    I have had my eye on the URI market for sure. I went to URI so I’m always looking for any excuse to head back down there 🙂

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