Multitasking Day (I Don’t Seem to Have Any Other Kind)

Bill and the kids worked in the gardens outside while I worked in the kitchen inside.

I made:

A couple pounds (or so) of ricotta.

6 8-oz jars of more of that rhubarb ginger jam plus some extra that went into the fridge and will be gone by the end of the week.

6 loaves of bread (using, among other things, 4 cups of the whey from when I made the ricotta) – four loaves are straight-up bread, and the other two are experimental loaves.  I'll let you know how that went once I sample one of them.  I expect success.

You know, it seems like I did a lot more than that.  But no, that's what I did.  It took time.  But it was good, productive, awesome-smelling time, and therefore no hardship.

We saw some baby bluejays in the trees this morning, too.  They have such raspy, demanding little voices.

My sister and brother-in-law stopped by – Meredith trimmed my bangs, Julia's bangs, and gave Alex his summer buzz cut.  When she was done with the clippers, there was more hair on the floor than there was left on Alex's head.

Oh, yeah, when I was making the jam – I burnt the bottom of the pan.  Isn't that nice?

I learned somewhere (I think I read it, but I can't think of the source – online or not.  Hmmm) to mix a little cream (or half-n-half, in my case) with the homemade ricotta.  OH MY.  So lush and creamy and addictive.  I may just eat this whole batch with a big spoon.  Tonight, after everyone else is asleep.

Tomorrow will be the final day of polyurethane application, and boy are we all glad.  I think we need these bedrooms, just so we can all get away from each other.

Before Bill and I move back into our (new) room, we're going to patch a crack in the ceiling (more joint compound – UGH) and then paint the walls something other than the current blue and white.  I'm thinking sage green.  I love that color.  And then, once THAT is done, we'll move our furniture in.  The kids' rooms also need doorframes and baseboards, so hopefully we can get that done mid-week as well. 

So close to the finish line.  So close!

One thought on “Multitasking Day (I Don’t Seem to Have Any Other Kind)

  1. My new favorite color for bedrooms is the color of a green egg. I took the shell of one to Loew’s and they put it under that little camera thing and made the paint the exact color of the egg shell. It’s so calming.

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