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They Spy


Julia has underwear on.  I say that so no one is distracted by her appearance.  And if you've been reading me for any great length of time, you wouldn't be distracted anyway.  She does this a lot.  If I had her perfect musculature, I might prefer to go about in my underwear most of the time, too.

Anyway.  this was taken on Saturday, about an hour or so before we went to the Swim Banquet.  I was finishing up in the kitchen and the kids had been playing in the pool moments earlier. 

And I heard them talking, deciding what to do next (it's so peaceful 'round here when they are getting along), and one of them picked out the "I Spy" book to look through.  It's a Christmas one that Alex got probably a couple of years ago.  It never gets put away with the Christmas stuff, though.  They aren't concerned with seasonality.  They just like to find stuff.

And I heard Alex say "Julia, I'll read, and you spy." 


And that's what they did.  I get such a kick out of listening to Alex read.  It's magic.  Really.  This little guy, who used to be a tiny baby YESTERDAY, it seems, has been reading for however long it's been now – seems like an eye blink, but it's much longer, of course.  How did that happen?  It's like he went from triumphing with the easy stuff like his name or "Mom" and "Dad" to taking it upon himself to read with his little sister.

And even nicer, at one point I heard him say "Wow, Julia, you're good at finding things!"  I love it when they say nice, complimentary things to each other. 


That was about when I quietly got my camera and tiptoed to the doorway and snapped a few pictures of them before they realized I was there.


Oh no.  I've been spied.  Back to the kitchen I go.

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