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Through the Window


This past Sunday I was outside taking pictures of raindrops on flowers and plants – including this one, which I'm particularly pleased with. 

(You can see more of the raindrop pictures over at my little gardening site, if you're interested.)

Anyway, I started in the back yard, and when I came around to the front of the house, Alex and Julia were hamming it up in the big window in our living room.  So I took pictures.


I like this little series.  


Just pure silliness.




That's all for now!

6 thoughts on “Through the Window

  1. That picture of the raindrops looks like jewelry, any inspiration there? Now not during jam season, but maybe in the Fall. Have you ever tried making jelly?

  2. I haven’t made jelly, but I’d like to give that a shot at some point this summer. I’ve always liked jam or preserves better – I like to see the actual fruit in there. But jellies are so pretty – like jewels. So I think, given my canning frenzy, that I’ll give jelly a try.

    And yes! Definite inspiration from those raindrops. Actually once the bedrooms are all done, I’ll feel like I have permission (sort of) to get my new work area set up and get back to the jewelry, the sewing, the rug making. It’s all on hold right now. But the ideas are definitely there.

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