Remember the carrots?

Okay.  Keep that in your mind, somewhere near the front.  If you don't know about the carrots, go read that post first and then come back.

All set?


On Thursday, Bill's brother, Ray, and his wife, Nina, and their elder son, DC Rainmaker, and his girlfriend, The Girl, arrived around 3:00.  Ray and Nina come out every summer, and this year (and last year) the visit is timed to coincide with the Rhode Island Ironman 70.3 (which takes place tomorrow).  DC Rainmaker participated last year and did great, so he's in it this year looking – in his words – to kick ass.  And The Girl will also be racing, so we've got two people to cheer on this year. 


Back to Thurday's arrival.

The Girl had made (the night before) and brought with her (on the plane from VA), a little surprise for the kids.  The heat kind of messed with it a bit, and so she wanted to sneak it (or them, actually) into the house to do a bit of repair work before the kids could see them. 

And here's what she'd brought:


Aren't they awesome????

Here's a closer look:


Little cupcake garden beds topped with radishes, a little pod of M&M beans, and, of course, carrots.

Fabulousness, huh?

5 thoughts on “Brilliance

  1. Those are precious! They remind me of a spice cake I made once that looked like a garden on top. Are they marzipan or frosting. M&M’s…great idea!

  2. Actually, they’re Starburst candies, warmed for a few seconds in the microwave, and then formed into the radishes, carrots and the pod for the MM beans.

  3. I just started reading your site last week, beginning with the carrot episode. My kids are a bit younger than yours, so it made me realize that my garden really isn’t going to be safe for a few more years. Can’t wait to see if the “surprise” carrots work out.

    As far as the cupcakes go, two things: 1 – they are ADORABLE! and 2 – any girlfriend that would bring something that cool for nieces and nephews that aren’t even hers is definitely a keeper. I’m sure DC Rainmaker knows this. Or, at least, I hope he does!

    Really enjoying the site… when I can get a break from toddlers to read it!

  4. Wow, those look good enough to eat! The Girl is talented, and obviously sweet. I hope to someday meet her here in DC.

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