Cape Honey Flower, Light Sage, Grape Leaves

Those are the names of the (1) of our ceiling, window frames and doors, (2) walls, and (3) dark trim.


For anyone interested, here are a few shots of our bedroom. 


'Scuse the mess – I'm in the middle of lugging stuff from the living room back upstairs.


When Bill returns from fishing, he'll help bring up the two bureaus and anything else too heavy for me to lift myself without scratching the floors.  And rupturing disks and pulling ligaments and all that.  But mostly, I don't want to be scratching the floors.  There'd be hell to pay.

I'm also wondering why we have SO MUCH SHIT CRAP STUFF.  Who broke in and left all this stuff in my living room???????

I think now's an excellent time to make major decisions about what to keep and what not to keep.

After all, it is trash day.  The trash was emptied this morning, and I have that nice big gray trash can just begging to be filled….

5 thoughts on “Cape Honey Flower, Light Sage, Grape Leaves

  1. Ooooh! Love the colors!

    I know how you feel, I just finished painting my living room and hung everything back on the walls. It’s the first time in 8 years that I’ve had a “finished” room.

    Enjoy sleeping in your finished bedroom! 🙂

  2. Wow, everything looks so nice. Good job with the colors. The floors turned out great, too. It was well worth it.

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