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It's been nuts here.  And that's not over yet – today will be a marathon day of putting the house back in order after the past two months (two months???) or whatever of demolition and reconstruction.

And painting.  Oh, the painting.

Yesterday we FINISHED the trim in our bedroom.  Windows, doorframes, doors…two coats…DONE.  Also primed (that was on Monday) and put one layer of paint in the hallway – will do the second coat of paint later today.

We have made so many trips to Lowe's lately that if we don't go at least once a day, Lowe's files a missing persons report with the local police, who then come to our house and remind us that we probably  need more of that blue tape or paint rollers or a toilet seat or something, and to please head on over to Lowe's and not waste the town's time and resources like this any more.


The exciting news?  Are you ready?  Sitting down?


And after sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the basement for an eternity, I was sort of amazed at how high off the floor our bed was, once we got the whole thing set up.  You know the story of the Princess and the Pea?  How she's on a bed of tons of mattresses stacked way high up and yet she can feel the little pea left under the lowest mattress, and that (somehow) confirms that she's royalty?  THAT is how high up in the air our bed seemed. 

So we got that set up, and we got Julia's frame and mattresses set up, so now all of us are sleeping in our real beds up high off the floor, just like real people!

Forgive me if I sound a little idiotic this morning (or more so than usual) – we had thunderstorms through the night and I kept waking up.  Plus, Bill went fishing this morning, so we were awake at 4:00. 

Oh, speaking of tired, yesterday I had WAY too much coffee and at some point, while I was working on the trim – and in a very small, steady-hand-imperative area, my hands just started shaking uncontrollably.  It was sort of funny, in a giddy, "I'm-so-sick-of-all-this-insanity-and-painting" sort of way.  They just shook and shook.  But I kept painting, trooper that I am.

We've decided we like the zig-zag pattern.

One thought on “Hi-Rise

  1. You are so funny, I like that zig-zag explanation. I’m going to use it, except mine is more of a zig-zag dot from the roller hitting the ceiling. This is why I’m going to start painting the ceiling and walls all the same color. Who’s idea was that two tone thing anyway? I’d like to say you were an inspiration to me with all this remodeling…. but you’re not, I’m still dreading what we need to get done. Glad you are seeing the light at the end of your tunnel.

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