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Home Stretch…Down to the Wire…Rounding Third…Crunch Time….

The kids' rooms are mostly done – enough so that we've got beds and bureaus and book shelves and toys in them.  We've still got doors to put in and baseboards to make and all that, but the rooms are definitely live-in-able. 

At last.

So now the push is on to finish our own bedroom and the hallway.  Bill did the joint compounding and sanding – there were some cracks here and there – especially this one big zig-zag one – and once he gave the all clear, I started – AT LAST – priming the ceiling and walls in our bedroom.

And while I was doing that, I figured I might as well prime the walls and ceiling in the upstairs hall as well, so I did that, too.

While I was doing all that, he cleaned out and cleaned up the bathroom upstairs, which has been packed with a mess of tools and rollers and brushes and paint cans and other debris from the last – what has it been?  something like two months??  Ugh.  Anyway, he cleaned everything out of there, washed down the countertops and every little thing that had accumulated dust from time, compound and plaster, and so once again we can get to that toilet.  It's funny how much you miss having that second bathroom when you're reduced to using just one.  Especially with kids….

"Okay, kids, I'm going to soak my weary, aching body in the tub take a bath now, do either of you need to go to the bathroom?"  "No!" "Not me!"  "Are you SURE?????" "Yep!"  "Yes, Mom, I don't have any pee in me!"  "Okay, because I'm NOT opening the door!" A while later – of course – while I'm soaking in steaming water and reading a book in peace…"MOM!"  (groan) "What's up, Julia?"  "I have to go potty!!!"  And I can hear her dancing in place, too, while she jiggles the handle of the door and I rise, a reluctant whale, from my ocean, step out of the tub, wrap a towel around myself and let her in.  She dashes into the room, then pauses, taking in the bathus interruptus.  "Where are the toys?"  "JUST GO POTTY!"

Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh, yes, we have two bathrooms again.  YAY.

And – also YAY – the bedroom and hall are primed and ready for paint, except one wall that I skipped because Bill needed to reapply joint compound to the crack that ran down the wall from one corner of the window, which then needed to dry before I could prime it, so I just skipped that whole wall.  It's not a big wall – shouldn't take long at all to prime it.

And then…


As my kids would say (borrowed and adapted from the movie Madagascar) "Paint like you mean it!"

If we paint productively today, we could (dare I say it?) move our own bedroom furniture into that bedroom and actually SLEEP IN OUR OWN BED TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on that note, I will end this post and get moving on this day. 

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