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It’s Official

We're all sick of each other.

We're sick of sleeping in mattresses in the basement.

We're sick of sidling through the living room and/or the dining room in order to get to the front door or the stairs.

We're sick of dust.

We're sick of paint.

We're sick of drop cloths.

We're sick of sharing just one bathroom instead of two.  (I know, boo hoo for you, Jayne, you big baby)

We're sick of monsoon season here in New England.  Not that I like the heat and humidity that comes along this time of year, but at least a bit of sunshine now and then would be good.  For the gardens. 

I know.

I'm sounding petulant and whiney.  I'm actually not feeling either of those things – I'm just giving you all (those who are following this slow-rolling drama) the update.

We're not in the bedrooms yet.  There's a big z-shaped crack in the ceiling in what will – some day – be our bedroom, so yesterday Bill ground/grinded (whatever sounds right to you) all that down plus a couple other little cracks we figure might as well get fixed now even though we're ACHING to get the bedrooms set up…and a couple spots in the hall ceiling.

Lots o dust there.

So today's plans are to joint compound (ugh – he's doing that, not me) those areas – he already put fiberglass tape on the areas and joint compounded them yesterday – so that tomorrow he can sand them down and


there will be NO MORE sanding upstairs EVER IN OUR LIFETIMES.

But.  With all this rain, plenty of creeks ARE rising, so who knows.  The Good Lord may not be so willing after all.

So he'll do that and I'll touch up some areas of Julia's room that need touching up (with paint) and I'll paint the bookcases that used to be baby blue (2) and yellow (1) so they match one kid's room or the other.

I've also got eighty gallons (okay, i kid) of chicken stock to cook down some more – yesterday I pulled out all the little bags of chicken pieces and parts that we put in there as we trim things or whatever, and I made two huge pots of stock.  But it was late, and I didn't cook them down as much as I wanted to, so I'll finish that little project today.

And them's the plans.

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