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Pretty Cheese

Yes, it's still Blueberry Week here, but I took these pictures last week at some point and forgot to post them, so I'm doing it now.

I made a double batch of goat cheese, and these are pictures I took after the curds and why had separated and I lifted the lid for the first time after that portion of the program.

In the past, I've always scooped the curds out of the whey, which leads to some of the curds breaking up and I end up having to strain a lot of the mixture. 

This time around, I started by ladling out the whey instead, and as I did that, I started to see this swirly shape in the curd part.  So I kept ladling out the whey…


And it kept looking kind of cool and interesting…


I kept ladling, but unfortunately the ladle ended up forming an indentation over there on the left of the curd…but still…rather cool formation, isn't it? 


Anyway, once I couldn't really get any more of the whey out with the ladle without breaking up the curd, I scooped the curd out into a muslin-lined strainer.  Here's the first scoop:


And that's it for the cheese pictures. 

For now.

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