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De-Cluttering – Chicken with Lemon, Oregano and Roasted Garlic

Here's another one from March that I didn't post then…

I made (and wrote about) pita bread, and to accompany the bread, I made this chicken dish. 

I had a bunch of nice, big chicken thighs, which I'd rinsed and patted dry with paper towels, you know, like you're supposed to when messing around with chicken.

I planned to bake them in the oven somehow, and since I was already taking pictures of the pita bread in progress, I figured I'd get all fancy with the chicken, too.

First, I sliced up a large onion and placed the slices – one for each thigh – in my big All-Clad pan.  I like the pan instead of, say, a rectangular pyrex 13 x 9 inch pan, because first of all it has more surface are so I can cook more food at a time, and second, because it's round, and I can arrange the food in a circle. 

Like this:


Next, I sliced up a lemon.


And then I took my chicken thighs (which I'd rinsed and patted dry with paper towels first, of course) and kind of pulled the skin away from the meat and slathered on some roasted garlic paste.


Next, I sprinkled each thigh with oregano and placed a lemon slice on top.


And then I pulled the skin back over the lemon and placed each one on top of an onion slice in the pan.


Then I sprinkled them all with a generous amount of salt and black pepper…


(I know – there were 6 onions…but wait!  Only 5 thighs!  Oh, the horror!)

And then I popped the whole thing, uncovered, into a 400 degree oven and cooked them until there was no red and the juices ran clear.

Based on the time stamps on my photos, that was about……………35-45 minutes.


And there they are.

Let them sit a bit to let all the juices sort themselves out inside the meat, and serve with some vegetables and rice, maybe, or a salad and some pita bread – whatever makes you happy.


I sprinkled come little capers on the chicken as well – a nice little salty tangy balance to the lemon and the roasted garlic.

The chicken itself was very yummy – crispy skin, juicy meat, lots of flavor.  I have to remember to make this again some time!

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