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De-Cluttering – Scratchy and The Fly

Well look at this…here's a whole series of shots I took back in MARCH, people.  MARCH.  At least it was March of this year, but still. 

I haven't put up any cat pictures lately, have I?  They're all doing fine, even Blur (the 18-year-old).  Scratchy is HUGE.  He's this big mostly-white behemoth of a cat who loves to curl up on the darkest chair in the living room (the better to leave visible cat hairs) and on the very comfy office chair in the computer room.

He is very sweet and affectionate, but still doesn't like to be picked up.  Snuggling is done on his terms or not at all.

He's also still scratchy. 

Especially on beds…at night…when you move your foot just a little in your sleep.  He thinks this is great fun and will attack, claws out, until you wake up (in pain) and shove him off the bed.

One night I was putting Alex to bed in his new room, and I asked if he wanted the door shut so the cats wouldn't bother him.  And he said no, even though Softie still loves to walk around his head, purring, and Scratchy attacks his feet. 

Then Alex told me what his trick is for harmonious slumber with Scratchy.

He puts a pillow on his feet.

Yes, he places one of the two bed pillows over his little feet, covers up with the sheet, and goes to sleep that way.  He was pretty pleased with himself about that. 

More recently, again at bedtime, we were lying on his bed reading and Scratchy showed up and flopped down at the foot of the bed.  Moments later he was attacking Alex's feet.  I was going to move Scratchy out of the room and shut the door, but Alex stopped me.

"No, Mom, I know what to do."

He hopped off the bed and got this large, fabric-and-wire bin that's part of a shelving unit thingy in his room, and he put that (empty) on his bed.  Scratchy promptly hopped right inside and curled up peacefully.

It's his bed.

So this morning when I got up, I peeked into the kids' rooms, and sure enough, there was Scratchy's cat bed at the foot of Alex's bed.

Alex's feet were still covered up by a pillow, though.  You can't be too careful.

Another Scratchy thing I'll share…he's got nicknames.   Softie's got one – an old one – "Softzilla."  But it doesn't get used much.  (Like she cares!)

But Scratchy is also called "Scratch-o-Butt" (not sure who came up with that one, but it wasn't ME) and – more recently, and my favorite – "Scratch-a-ma-bob."  Alex coined that one, and it cracks me up whenever I hear it.

So there's the Scratchy update for you.

And if you want to see the series of pictures of Scratchy playing with a fly, they're posted after the jump.














It's hard work being a cat.

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  1. Scratchy is so cute! Love the pictures with the fly. Reminds me of our little kitty. We call Toby our “fly catcher”…we used to be so annoyed when a fly would find it’s way into our house. But we don’t worry, now that we have Toby. No matter where that fly is in our house, Toby will find it and attack it with extreme precision. Kitties are so precious 🙂

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