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NH Vacation – Part 2


Still dark.

Don't know what time it was, but "early" is as good a time as any.

Rain sounds lovely when you're in a tent.  That gentle pitter-patter on the nylon above, while you're all snug and cozy in your blankets, high atop the hard ground on your double-thick queen-size air mattress.  Ahh…roughing it.

And then…

"Uh oh."

The pitter-patter picks up the pace and now it's a downpour…and you realize your rain-fly, which covers the tent, is water-RESISTANT, which is not at all the same as water-PROOF.

So we have a leak here…over on Bill's edge of the tent. 

And then we have a leak directly above me. 




And same thing's going on over on the kids' side of the tent as well.


The rain ends, eventually.

And after a breakfast of cereal in coffee mugs, we stack the mattresses on their sides (less surface area that way), and hope for the best.

Because we've got PLANS, baby.

We hit the road, heading west on the Kancamagus Highway.

Destination:  Lost River.

On our way, we stopped here and there to take pictures.  One stop was Rocky Gorge, and then another part was further up in the mountains.  My pictures don't do any of it justice, but you get the idea…







Those were at the gorge.  You can see the sign back there indicating that there is no swimming allowed.  The force of the water in that gorge is tremendous, and a few people have died there.

Anyway, on we go…


If I couldn't live near ocean, the mountains would be my next choice.



We also encountered some cute but strange mountain elves.  They insisted on posing with "their" mountains.


Who knew elves could be such hams?



When they started to become threatening, we gave them gifts and one by one they leapt away.


We continued on, with me snapping WAY too many pictures of mountains and clouds, clouds and mountains.


But they're just so amazing…





So pretty.

Soon after this, we arrived at Lost River.

And that will be the topic of the next NH post.

3 thoughts on “NH Vacation – Part 2

  1. if you like to camp you should try russle pond off of tripoli rd in north woodstock nh! my kids love it there and the pond is stocked with trout every year (my fav and great for my short patience with fishing lol) the top camp ground ($25 a night) is privately owned but the bottom part ($25 for the weekend and $15 for the week) is part of the national forest. we stay at the top when we have the kiddos and at the bottom when its just the adults plus they have suckers and salmon in the river along the bottom of the mountain! we like to kayak and fish in the river and swim and fish in the pond (pond has a really nice beachy area and a trail all the way around it and a boat launch for non motor boats and a dock too!)

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