Julia's got a friend over to play this morning, and they're apparently playing "Sleepover" which means one is in Julia's room and shuts the door and the other one waits a few minutes in the hall and then knocks on the door.  The one in the room calls out "Who is it?" in a sweet voice and the other one gives her name and is welcomed in.  They play a bit and then trade roles as guest and hostess.

Just a moment ago, Julia was in her room and her friend knocked on the door.  Julia welcomed her in, and her friend demanded, in an urgent voice,

"What's happening to the city??"

This was followed by much frantic talk of T-Rexes and a need to check things on the computer and the saving of a mysterious person/animal/thing named Ollie.

3 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. i seem to remember us having similar conversations when we roomed together at UConn: however, i believe you always insisted that you play the part of the t-rex, a role i never seemed to get correct (grin).
    i LOVED the photos of julia getting her hair cut, and mere looks awsome, as always!
    love you!!!

  2. /What’s happening to the city??/

    Hahahahahaha! I’m howling, Jayne! When I was a kid, sleepovers were never this ominous.

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