Snow Leopard – Roger Williams Park Zoo

It was too hot to play outside, and the kids were just getting on each others' nerves inside….


So Bill asked the kids what they wanted to do this afternoon, and they wanted to go to the zoo.


It was about 897 degrees at the time, and Bill hadn't expected this turn of events, and wasn't really looking forward to going, but he'd agreed to it, so that was that.


I went along because I have this oddly masochistic streak in the hot humid weather.  And besides, I hadn't been to Roger Williams' Zoo since the newly improved and expanded elephant habitat had been completed.  And I do love the elephants the most.


But I've always had this fascination with the snow leopard.  Always perched up high on the rocks, better seen with a zoom lens or binoculars, the cat is gorgeous.  I think today Julia or Alex said it looked like a king sitting way up high like that.  And it's true.  Fenced in, maybe, but regal no matter what.


These images are my favorites from today.   


3 thoughts on “Snow Leopard – Roger Williams Park Zoo

  1. He (She?) is GORGEOUS! Aren’t you glad you went? 🙂 I love snow leopards, too. They looks so regal. My instinct is to want to hug them, but of course, that would be the last thing I’ll ever do. haha.

  2. What a magnificent cat! Aren’t you glad you went?

    The Milwaukee zoo in Wisconsin sometimes has snow leopard cubs. We made a point of going to see them one year. Not so regal — more like extremely, excessively cute! If you ever get a chance to see some, I recommend it!

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