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So, What Do You Think?


I've finally got a workspace set up – and room to stretch out in it.

Yesterday I decided to play with some of those strips of denim I'd cut from old pairs of jeans a while back.

And I made this:


It's a potholder!  7.5" x 7.5" of hand-woven, hand-stitched border, recycled (or "repurposed" if you prefer) denim.  From jeans we wore on our very own legs.


Thick AND flexible…and durable.  Machine washable and dryable.  With a handy little loop thing so you can hang it on a hook if you want to.


I'm going to put it in my Etsy store once I figure out what to charge for one.  Or two, I guess – since it's normal to sell these in pairs, isn't it?  Since, you know, if you're taking a big pan of lasagne out of the oven, you'd want to use two potholders to do it.

But anyway, I just wanted to let you see it and hear your feedback, if you've got any. 


Update:  And here's the tutorial:  Woven Potholder Tutorial

10 thoughts on “So, What Do You Think?

  1. Very kewl.
    I will place my order for one dozen pairs by Christmas.
    It will save me the hassle of making my usual Chex mix and fudge for everyone @ work.
    Lets see how fun they are to make after that! LOL

  2. Love it! I have lots of jeans sitting in my workspace waiting for me to do something as awesome as that.

  3. I LOVE these! Just found them on Pinterest and came here hoping to find directions to make them… I have loads of denim and would love to make these! Do you have instructions for these anywhere? Thank you!

  4. Stunning and different, ecologically friendly, creative and yes…I’d buy a pair. “Far out” as the ‘man’ used to say…

    Let me know where they are available.


  5. Dear Jayne
    I am an editor at Danish magazines BoligLiv and Hendes Verden and I am doing a small article about craft blogs, that have done projects with old jeans. We would love to show your denim potholder along with a link to your blog, if we may?
    If so can you email a high res version of potholder image #2 in this post?
    Best regards
    Kristina Beyer

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