I feel like I haven't written anything here in ages, but it's really just since yesterday.  That's all?  It feels like a lifetime.

It's the readjustment to the school year schedule, I guess.

The getting up by such-and-such a time every morning, packing lunches and/or snacks, cooking breakfasts, making sure everyone has what they need as they head out the door.

I'm also, now, trying to sort out MY day.  It's kind of divided into three sections.  Section one is the morning and Bill going to work and Alex going (being brought) to school, and me running errands with Julia in tow, or doing stuff around the house, or who knows what.  Middle (and smallest) section is while Julia is also at school.  This is the time I need to utilize for ME stuff.  Whatever that is.  I'm still working on it.  And then the third section is when everyone is back home again.

The three sections aren't thirds – the middle section (the ME section) is the shortest. 

And I sort of feel lost in that little section.

Not entirely.  But kind of.  It's a bit odd NOT to have anyone around who wants my attention or needs me to make a sandwich. 

Ultimately I plan on being super productive during those times when no one needs me. 

Productive and creative, and not at all domestic.  Dishes can be done before or after.  Errands can be run before or after.  EVERYTHING can be done before or after.

So that's kind of the plan.

But I didn't do that today.


I flopped down and finished a book.


It was a strange sensation.

2 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. As I was reading I was thinking back to when I was in your shoes… I do remember some really nice naps. My kids never went to 1/2 day Kindergarten, it was all day at the schools the went to. If you don’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of them…. enjoy your short afternoons.

  2. YEP, you got it right – your time – no errands, no cleaning, no slaving away – that is ALL YOUR OWN! In time you will get into your own routine – and just when that happens, there will be school half days, vacations, teacher conferences, snow days — no seriously – it will be ALLLL GOOD! Believe me, this is my FIRST YEAR out of the public school system in 15 years! Taking my second child to college tomorrow! Sheesh, where did the time go?

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