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Electric Venom

Ezra’s World

Fertility Goddess*

*(brief site I kept when I first became pregnant w/Julia.  Please forgive the obnoxious title.)




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The Sneeze

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Tuesdays with Dorie

Tuesdays with Dorie – The Bakers*

*(there are so many of us, I figured I’d just link to the list rather than adding them all here)

Women on Quilts

Zest & Thyme




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  1. Hello Hun…
    Very Happy I found Your Site… I thought I could help You out with Your Peppers…

    My Parents (Daddy is 92… 😉 and their Parents (etc…WAY BACK) kept all the Coffee and Tea Grounds…(Rinsed a second time and pressed out) and Egg Shells (Washed out of course and crushed) in a bucket in the Garage… or Outside in a Garbage Pail reserved ONLY for these.

    Come planting time, these were mixed with 1/6 Fine Ash from the fireplace (or ash from the burn pit…organic ingredients only!!!!) and mulched in. If You don’t have a fireplace or need ash…burn some leaves or pine needles until fine….

    During the Growing Season, these are sprinkled around tomatoes, peppers, roses and gladiolies (Gigglez) and cabbages to help growing and get rid of molds…..about once a week …sparingly. If you “see” molds…a little more ash. ALSO…once Your plants are over 6 leaves…start taking the lower leaves off….so that You have about 4-6 inches above the ground without leaves….IMP, always leave 4 to 6 leaves on the plant to ensure it can feed… Gigglez.

    No matter where in the world I’ve gone (Connecticutt, Florida, North Carolina, Italy, England, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Texas and SE America…) this has ALWAYS worked… whether I had a container or full land garden…

    I still have Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, and Cold-Crops Going!!! Just thought I could help…..

    Blessings to You and Yours during this Wonderful Time of the Year 😉

    May Light and Love Fill Your Days!!

    Sheran Wheeler

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