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De-Cluttering the Laptop: A Girl and Her Noble Steed

I'm moving image files to an external hard drive, and I figured I'd share…

These were taken in May of this year.  Julia had requested and received a "brown horse head on a stick" for her birthday.


I think she's named it "Brown" or "Brownie" or maybe "White Spot."  Or something entirely different.  I've lost track.

Anyway, not only is the horse an accomplished steeplechase competitor, but it's also got a military background.

Here, Julia and Brown-ie-White-Spot prepare to joust.

First, a moment to pray, or gather her thoughts, or stare at the garage door.


A little salute to the crowd…


And it's time to put on the game face.



The rest of the photos are too horrific to show, what with all the blood and gore.  Once Julia's fallen challenger had been mopped up carted away, she dismounted and came over to chat.


It's a tough business, jousting. 

But for Julia, it's as normal as eating fish eyes.


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