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For Now

Didn't do any Tuesdays with Dorie baking over the weekend OR yesterday, so I'll be doing that today and posting the results later on today.  At least that's the plan.

This is the time of year when everything starts to feel like the ascent to the highest point on a flume or roller coaster.  That up, up, up, anticipatory feeling…right before the drop and the feeling like your stomach is in your mouth and all the screaming erupts (around the stomach that's in your mouth) and everything just ends in a rush and swoosh and (sometimes) a splash.  And maybe nausea.  And then relieved laughing that you didn't crash.

So what the heck am I talking about?

The holiday baking season approacheth.

And, disorganized little scrub that I am, I have no idea how much I need to bake this year – I think last year I meant to take notes, and who knows, maybe I did.  I just don't remember, because of all the screaming.

I know, it's only September.  (which I just typed as "Steptember" and I think I like that better, for some reason.)  But it's the final quarter of Steptember (I typed it that way on purpose), and October will be here soon, and I always think "Well, hey, if I start the baking in October, I'll be done around Thanksgiving and I can ship them out at the very beginning of December for a change!!  And then I will have a relaxing December!  Yes!  That's what I'll do!" 

And then, of course, other things happen and I don't.  In fact, very often it all becomes the equivalent of cramming for exams, and I'm baking my little fingers off in December, figuring I can of course bake 200 dozen cookies overnight and ship them all out two days from now.  NO PROBLEM!

My stomach is clenching as I think about it.

Not really.

I love the baking.  I love the huge production of it.  I love seeing all the containers of cookies stacked up (everywhere) and I enjoy feeling like yeah, I am definately more than a little crazy.

And yet…I can't get myself organized enough to bake a batch of some TWD cookies before Tuesday.

Must be some sort of character flaw.

4 thoughts on “For Now

  1. you see, that is the glory of a blog.. you can go back and see just how much you made, did you blog it was all used up? did you blog you needed some more of one kind?

    You have an instant memory time machine here… LOL

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