Moving Day

No, not us.  We've had enough upheaval in our home this year.

It was the lizard.

Cricket Catcher.

For a while now, Bill has been thinking the lizard needed a new (bigger) tank.  So a few days ago he got a new screen lid for a large tank he's had since before he was born (it probably belonged to one of his brothers first), and started assembling the other stuff to make up our killing machine's new habitat.

Alex has been practically dancing in place about the new tank.  But Bill puts a lot of thought and care and work into these things, and there were things to be done first. 

Like attaching big pieces of cork bark to the back of the tank.  (And this required 24 hours so the silicone affixing the bark to the glass would have time to dry and the smell would go away.)  Then today he had to soak this mossy stuff and this coconut shredding stuff (not the meat; the outer part) in water for a while.  And get some driftwood and rocks and plants to complete the decor.

And here's the final result, once the lizard had been moved from his old, smaller tank into this new, big, lush, just-like-a-rainforest! (according to the kids) tank.

Oh, but before I show you the tank – here's a quick shot I got of the kids.  They're sitting together in my office chair, watching the lizard explore his new home.  WAY better than TV.


Look!  They're getting along!  And Alex isn't making a cartoon face!

It was short-lived, of course.

Anyway, here is the lovely new lizard tank:


The lizard's in there, to the upper left.  Here's a closer view (but a rather garish shot, color-wise, because of the light in the tank).


He seems happy.  It's hard to tell, but the kids are convinced, and that's enough for me.

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