My Morning So Far

So while Bill was in the shower and the kids were still asleep, I was in the other bathroom and I wacked my elbow really hard on the corner of the sink and while I was clutching my elbow and willing it to not hurt, I suddenly felt very warm and my face felt prickly and I the rest of the room began shrinking as a darkness invaded from all sides and I thought this feels just like the beginning of a faint, and while I've never actually fainted, I've almost fainted – once – while I was watching the vet spay a dog for the first time – but I didn't faint then and I didn't want to faint now, with Bill in the shower and the kids asleep – what if I hit my head on the sink or the edge of the tub?  That wouldn't be good.  So I hung on to the sink and willed myself not to faint, saying "you're fine, you're fine, you'refine, you'refine, you'refineyou'refineyou'refine" until I felt, well, fine enough to unlock the bathroom door and go sit in the living room, draped over a chair as sudden waves of nausea and a hot sweat broke over me.  Julia came downstairs a moment or two later and climbed onto me and I hugged her until I felt like I could stand up again.  I felt a bit shaky for a while, but now I'm fine.

I sincerely hope your morning started off better than mine did.

9 thoughts on “My Morning So Far

  1. Uh Oh! Happened to me while standing in a crowd. Fortunately my Hubby held me up by the elbow. The end result was a baby boy nine months later! ;>)

  2. Wow, you must have really banged it hard. Are you able to bend it now that it’s probably got a huge bruise on it? I don’t think I’ve ever fainted, or come close to it.

  3. It hurts to the touch or when I bend it, but I don’t see a bruise.  It was SO bizarre – like I said in the post, the only other time I came close to fainting was watching an operation – and I didn’t faint then either.  That was probably 30 years ago or something.  Hopefully it’ll never happen again!

  4. A similar incident happened to me, I ended up with a fractured elbow. Just needed a sling for a while. Worth considering if you have continued pain and swelling. Hope you are well.

  5. Wow, a fractured elbow?  I know I don’t have that.  No swelling, and it just feels bruised.  I have full mobility and all that.  Thank goodness!

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