1997 – Dear Sheri, With Love, QA

goodluckpinkcake by you.

A woman who'd worked in our department at work was leaving to go work in another office in a different state, so we had a little in-office going away thing for her.

I have no idea what flavor the cake was – my notes just say "small layer/large layer  foamcore hearts/straws suspension."

Something is telling me lemon, but who knows.

The foamcore is what I used to use as the cake base because I could cut it to whatever size or shape I needed.  Sometimes (as in this case, it looks like), I'd paint the foamcore with royal icing, rather than covering it with foil or something.

I can see that I was having a lovely time using different piping tips with this one…I did those green ridged stripes across the bottom layer.  Then I've got an assortment of flowers – those little white ones with yellow centers, and the light blue ones.  I probably piped those out on wax paper a day or two before the cake was due, let them dry, then glued them to the cake with royal icing.  I'd also used one or two leaf tips.

The top layer…reminds me of a yearbook page where people have scribbled things in all directions.  I think I was going for quantity over quality with all the good wishes. 

I also notice I was practicing writing in Hebrew (she was Jewish) – I'd piped "Shalom" there in Hebrew along the bottom right.  I tried to personalize the cakes whenever possible. 

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