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A Few Little Changes ‘Round Here

I spent a good deal of time yesterday (probably more than a sane person should) revamping my old "Gallery of Cakes" stuff.  It's all been stagnating in a list over on the right side of this blog, but if you look now (go ahead, I'll wait) - it's gone!

Bit by bit I've been trying to tidy up the look of things, creating pages instead of having these on and on forever lists cluttering up the place.

Maybe it'll be a good thing, maybe not.  We'll see.

Anyway, back to the cakes.  The "Gallery of Cakes," if you remember (or even if you don't) was a trip down memory lane, of sorts.  I used to make a LOT of cakes, back in the late 90's, and I kept pictures of them and notes in a photo album.  I guess it was like my cake portfolio.

I don't make as many cakes any more; mainly it's just family birthday cakes now, with the occasional job for someone else.  And that's okay.

I figured it would be entertaining for someone (mostly me) to write a little thing about each of these cakes, and for a while I was doing "the cake post" every Sunday.  Every so often I'd scan a bunch of the old cake pictures into the computer, upload them to flickr, write the posts, and then schedule them to appear over the next several weeks on Sunday mornings.  It was my way of sleeping in, blog-wise.  At some point I stopped writing them up, and I found a stack of cake pictures on the filing cabinet in the music room (where the scanner is) and started thinking I should resurrect that Sunday feature.  I've still got so many left to write about, and while the world won't end if I fail to complete my little mission, I'm in the mood to do it again.  We could all use a laugh, after all, and some of these "creations" are definitely worth laughing about.

So anyway, to get to my point, up there under the banner, over on the right, you will now see the words "Gallery of Cakes."  Click on that and it will take you to a page listing all my cake posts (so far), grouped by the year I made them.  Within the year grouping, they're just alphabetical, which I may change to chronological at some point, but maybe not.  Haven't decided.  And it's not really a big deal, in my opinion.

I also made a slideshow of the pictures on flickr.  It runs in the same order as the links below it, except for a few pictures at the end that I've uploaded but haven't written up yet. 

Look for those cake posts to start appearing on Sunday mornings again. 

And please, feel free to laugh loud and long at some of my more pathetic creations.  That's why I'm posting them!

OH – and speaking of cakes.  My eyeball cupcakes from a year ago were featured in an article on Mental Floss about "Creepy Halloween Party Food."  There are plenty of other cool, creepy  in the same article, but the one I that absolutely LOVED was the Melting Head Cake by Barbara Jo of Do it Myself!  Be sure to take the time to read her whole post - all the trial and error is fabulous.

And just a reminder – the deadline for my impromptu cookbook giveaway is tonight - Saturday night – at midnight, eastern standard time

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