Cozy Pictures for a Cold Day

We seem to have jumped from summer to winter with very little autumn in between.  I'm anticipating snow for Halloween at the rate things are going.  Today is cold, windy, and rainy, and despite the dreary sound of that, it's actually some of my favorite weather.

But for those of you who might not be so enamored of the chill and damp, here are a couple of pictures I took of Scratchy and Softie the other day.  It occurred to me that I hadn't been posting pictures of them lately, so here they are, big grown-up kitties that they are, doing what they do best.

He loves my office chair in the music/computer room.  I love it, too, despite all the white cat hairs adorning the seat now.  Whenever Bill or I need to sit there, and we try to nudge Scratchy off, he magically increases his own weight a thousandfold, so that it's nearly impossible to get him to budge.  Now, he's a big guy to begin with, but when he makes himself even heavier, you need both hands and a strong back to get him out of the way.  He's so cute.

Softie prefers pillows and very soft blankets for her mid-day slumbery snoozing.  This is a chenille pillow I got years ago at Pier 1.  There were two, but one popped a seam and I have no idea where it ended up.  I know I didn't fix it, slacker that I am.  Anyway, this pillow is supposed to be on the oversized beige chair (according to me), but it frequently ends up on the floor, as do the two green pillows on the loveseat.  Softie doesn't sleep on the green pillows, though.  They're made of some heavy-duty upholstery fabric.  They're not chenille.

Okay, that's it for the cozy cat pictures.  Blur must have been upstairs or in the basement when I took these pictures.  She likes to curl up on the loveseat or on my bed or on the ottoman in the basement.  In case you were wondering.  Or – and this is the newest spot – she likes to curl up on the keyboard of my laptop.  Yep.  Yesterday I got up from where I'd been typing to go move laundry along, and I turned back and there she was, all cozy on the keyboard.  If she does it again, I'll have to get a picture. 

I'll be back later with a couple of recipes perfect for rainy, cold, windy days like this one. 

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