Future Food Blogger

I was stirring risotto earlier this evening when I was joined by a small person in a gymnastics outfit.  She was lugging a dining room chair and had a camera hanging from a strap around her neck.

She set the chair down by the stove, climbed up on it, and asked for a turn with the wooden spoon.

After a few good stirs of the rice, she handed the spoon back to me, held up her camera, asked me to move the spoon out of the way, and took several pictures. 

She was very serious about her self-imposed mission, telling me when I could stir and when to stop so she could take another picture or two.

I asked, politely and respectfully, if I could take a picture of her, and she graciously gave permission.

Barefoot Kitchen Witch, Junior Version. 

7 thoughts on “Future Food Blogger

  1. That is absolutely adorable! Just wait until she starts cooking by herself…but doesn’t clean up the cooking/baking mess after. My poor mother loves what I cook but hates that I don’t clean up afterward :P. Hehe.

    I claim that I cooked so I shouldn’t have to clean! But then she counters by saying she cleaned up after me for YEARS. Lame.

  2. It’s growing…slowly. My sister trimmed the longer edges last weekend, as the kids had school pictures taken earlier this week and I wanted Julia to look a bit tidier. She’s recently been saying she wishes she didn’t have short hair and she wants it to be long again. I told her it will be eventually, as long as she doesn’t get out the scissors again.

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