Happy Halloween!

Hope you all have a wonderfully spooky day! 

Not sure how much posting I'll do today – I've got to finish making decorations for the house…we've got a pumpkin to carve…and a quick dinner to make before it's time for trick-or-treating and handing out candy.

Amazingly, Alex is feeling 100% better.  He crashed before 7 last night and I thought he'd be missing out on things today, but he was apparently up at 5:30 this morning, and greeted me, perky and looking refreshed and energetic, a couple hours later when I got up. 

"Hi Mom!  I've been up since 5:30!  I've been watching tv – look – Tom & Jerry's on!"

I kissed his forehead – he felt normal.  Total transformation.  Yay!

I'm still keeping an eye on him, and I'm thinking we'll conveniently "forget" to do the Halloween parade our neighborhood does every year.  If he's still good, he can do some trick-or-treating later.  I'll see how the day goes.

He's messing with his sister right now – a clear sign he's feeling healthy!

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  1. i really love how you condensed all the recipe stuff into one place!!! as much as i love the photos, they make it very difficult to cut and paste recipes i want to save (ie strawberry panna cotta)

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