It’s Getting Spooooooooooooky Around Here

We love Halloween around here.  And not just because of the begging for sugar that will take place on the 31st.  Although that's certainly a big part of it.  And not just for my husband, haha.  We love the decorating.

Lots of houses in my neighborhood REALLY go nuts with the decorating.  You know the houses that need a whole new address with the electric company because of all the Christmas lights and plastic Santas, snowmen and Nativity scenes they put up in December (or November)?  That's the kind of decorating I'm talking about.

And my kids have been going crazy with our lack of competetive spirit with these folks.

So we've been putting things out, bit by bit…the jolly scarecrow people on either side of the front steps…the collection of 4 pumkins and 1 gourd that we grew in our own gardens…a plastic skull…some spiders…we need to get more spider web stuff to drape over the forsythia bushes.  I think last years' was finally tossed out after several seasons.

The kids also wanted a ghost.  One house further up the road from us has a great ghost hanging in between a couple of trees along the side of their yard, and since a ghost is pretty simple to make, I said we could do one and hang it from the tree in our front yard.

Well, yesterday was the day for adding scary decor, and of course we had torrential rain and gusty wind all day.  A great day to stay in and bake things, which I did in the morning.  But in the afternoon, I made a ghost.

I had the kids stuff a plastic grocery store bag (they do have their uses) with shredded paper (the store flyers that arrive every Thursday in the mail) for the head.  I tied that to the top of a plastic clothes hanger.  Then I tied a length of twine to the hanger and threaded it up through the top of the ghost head.  Next, I dug through my bins of fabric, which includes things like crib sheets and old clothes, until I found a dust ruffle from a double bed  – the ruffle part doesn't match any of our sheets…not sure where I got this – and I draped that over the ghost head and plastic clothes hanger shoulders.  I used a tapestry needle to thread the twine through the fabric, and used a black Sharpie to draw the eyes and moaning mouth.  And then I lifted the whole thing up with the twine.

It was heavy.

The ruffle fabric was much heavier than the center fabric (the part that covers your boxspring mattress), and I thought all that weight – especially when it got waterlogged, which, yesterday, would have happened within seconds – might break the twine and send our ghost down into the garden.

So I ripped the ruffle part off.  Much better.  I had to do a little stitching to rearrange the rest of the sheet, because somehow I'd set it up crooked and the ghost had more sheet on one side than on the other…and I couldn't reposition it because I'd already drawn the face.  So I fixed that and went out IN THE TORRENTIAL RAIN AND HURRICANE FORCE WINDS to tie the ghost to the low branch on that tree.  Fun.  And okay, not hurricane force.  But windy enough.

Here's the ghost:

Spooky, huh?  I think the blurred look makes it MUCH more realistic, don't you?  I think it's facing the street at the moment, so you can't see the eyes and mouth.  If it was facing you, YOU WOULD BE FRIGHTENED!! 

Anyway, next it was time to start on scary silhouettes for the windows.  I had a few pieces of black foamcore, which is what gave me the silhouette idea. 

Here's the first one:

After I uploaded the pictures onto my laptop, I realized I hadn't finished making the edge of the broom – the bristle ends – pointy, so I might take her down and fix that today.  I poked two holes in her – one in the hat and one mid-back, and tied some tan cord through there and looped it over the curtain rod above the window.  I had to tape it in place up there, otherwise she'd probably have been zooming toward the floor.

Softie seemed to like her.

After that, I made a black cat and a bat, but it was too dark to get a picture.  I'll do that later today, maybe after we also put up a spider in a web, a skull, and an owl. 

That's all for now!

So do you decorate for Halloween?  And if you DO, then how do you decorate?  I'd love to know.  Because I'm nosy.

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Spooooooooooooky Around Here

  1. We used to go all out decorating when the kids were younger and when they were old enough to Trick or Treat by themselves, I’d dress up and hand out candy… that was decor enough. Now days we keep the lights out. The neighborhood has been taken over by older kids, out to cause trouble. Most of the families with young children take them to the malls or to church events just to get away from the teens.

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