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Green Thai Shrimp Curry

I recently posted pictures from our pepper harvest over on my little gardening site.  (That site, incidentally, tends to consist more of pictures of what we're growing than it does any useful gardening information.  Probably because Bill is the gardener, but I am the blogger/photographer.)

Anyway, in case any of you saw the peppers - lots and lots of long, twisty cayennes, mostly - and in case any of you were wondering what we were planning to do with all the peppers, I'm going to tell you. 


Gnocchi, Apple Pie, Quilting, and Procrastination

Back in March I wrote this meandering post about (among other things) making gnocchi with Julia (that's the gnocchi part of this post) and sort of looking at myself and my daughter from different points in time.  I had included some pictures that Bill took for me, of Julia and I rolling out the gnocchi dough.

Rolling gnocchi This image was one of them.  A couple months later I received an email from Kim Wulfert, of Women on Quilts and Quilters Spirit (that's the quilting part of this post), asking if she could "use a small version of your picture on your
march 22, 2009 post. It would be about 2x3" to be used in an eBook honoring
women's creative stories about life for women from 1902-1942.  This was a
fundraiser writing challenge  and the eBook will be distributed for free." 

I said yes, of course, and she told me she'd send me an email when the eBook was up.

A couple of weeks later, I received another email from Kim - the eBook was up.

And yes, it's now October - a full six months later.  And I'm finally letting you all know about it.  (That's the procrastination part of the post.)

Well, better late than never, right?