Pictures of Eggplants and Stories of the Kids

I posted the pictures here

In other news, Alex is home sick today, so I will spend the day doing laundry, feeling Alex's forehead and asking him how he feels with annoying frequency, and trying to type stuff.

Speaking of Alex, take a look at this picture:

This is our whopping harvest of butternut squash this year.  But that's not why I posted it.  Take a look at them.  Notice anything?  Anything…maybe…like…how they're arranged?  Like…in descending order of largest to smallest?  Yeah.  Alex did that.  And I point it out because it's so…me.

It's funny.  People look at him and say he's so much like Bill.  And he is, in many ways.  Same build, same gender.  All the important stuff, haha.  He's learning to play guitar (currently working on "Ode to Joy,") and he loves to go fishing and play baseball and collect bugs and worms and lizards and all that stereotypical boy stuff.  He's got very blond hair, and in Bill's school pictures from this age, Bill is very blond as well.

But you know something?  Julia loves a lot of that stuff, too.  And she resembles Bill's side of the family more than Alex does, at least in my humble opinion.  And I also had very blond hair as a child.  Alex loves to draw, too.  And make books of his drawings.  And he's good at math.  (I am, too.  Bill isn't.)  And he doesn't speak in sentences; he speaks in paragraphs.  And…well, there's the organizing of the butternut squash.  Gender or no, Alex is a lot like me, too.  As Julia is like Bill in many ways, whether he believes me about that or not.


Yesterday afternoon Bill and Alex went out to shop for what Bill felt was a necessary accessory to Alex's Boba Fett costume – some sort of weapon.  They were going to get some sort of wand or something for Julia, too, in the interest of fairness.  So they went off to do that and I went out to pick up Julia, and when we got home, Alex met us in the kitchen, bubbling over with excitement.  He said to his sister, in that sing-song kind of tone, "Juuuuliaaaaaa, I have a surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiise for you!"  And he made her close her eyes and he led her downstairs (safely) and then I heard him say "Okay, you can look now.  SURPRISE!"

Bill filled me in.  They couldn't find the right blaster thing for Boba Fett, and the other options were too expensive, the cheapest option being two laser guns or something for fifteen dollars, but Alex rejected them because they weren't the right kind (that's my boy, striving for accuracy) and not worth the money.  So they put Julia's wand thing back, too, and instead, went to the pet store (Bill's suggestion) to get Julia a fish.  And Alex got to pick it out. 

Julia's been wanting her very own fish lately.  Alex has Bluey, and had Reddy before that.  And I think Alex was five when we started his fish custodianship, so Julia was the right age. 

Now, it's not like we need more pets.  But Bill had suggested just getting a special fish of some kind for Julia, and keeping it in the big tank we have in the basement.

So that's what they did.

Meet Goldie:

She's an angel fish, and she's HUGE compared to all the other fish in the tank, including our remaining angel fish from the last pair or trio Bill brought home a while ago.  You can see that fish, sort of, in the picture above – it's black and white, and Goldie seems to be facing it. 

Julia was thrilled. And Alex was sincerely happy FOR her, too.  And it was just nice for me, as a parent, to have a few hours last night of sweetness and light between the two of them.  (Things were back to normal this morning – Alex was making annoying frothing noises and Julia didn't like that so she kicked him.)

Anyway, that's the pet update.  Goldie seems happy in her (or his – we don't know, and Julia doesn't care) new digs.  Here's hoping she stays nice and healthy for a long time.


And here's hoping she doesn't decide to eat all the neons, too.

3 thoughts on “Pictures of Eggplants and Stories of the Kids

  1. I love your blog, the way it brings back memories of when my kids were young. You have some of the same thoughts and comparisons I’ve had with my own kids. How they both look like hubby’s side of the family and at the same time they look like my side of the family. How the boy is like his dad in so many ways and the girl who is like her dad in EVERY way but then again she’d prove me wrong if she were to read this, just like I would do.

    And as I read about the new fish, I thought… hope they don’t have any neons, that fish looks just like our first angelfish that ate all the neons within 10 minutes after we put it in the tank.

  2. So far, no neons have disappeared. At least not that I’ve noticed. I should count them, just so I can keep tabs on them. Not that it will change things. If they disappear…well, we just won’t get any more neons.

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