1997 – Rocking Horse Carousel

rockinghorsebabyshower by you.

Yay, a baby shower!

I made the cake to match (sort of) the decorations one of the other girls in our department had picked out for the after-work gathering. 

The baby's gender was not known, so we had the requisite pink and blue, along with some yellow.

I made five or six little royal icing rocking horses, piped onto waxed paper and allowed to dry.  They were glued to the cake with more royal icing.  It's supposed to be a carousel.  I've sprinkled pink and blue sugar "confetti" on the top.  I would like to ask my 1997 self why I didn't finish the whole thing off with a little flag on top.  Wouldn't that have made sense?  I don't know what the heck was wrong with me.

Oh, and the baby?  A girl. 

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