Being. And Thanks.

Thank you, my friends.

I'm talking to those of you who read this post and responded, either in the comments section, or via email, or even with just a thought. 

Thank you.

I mostly meant wrote it to lead up to what my sister said at the end, which actually led to lots of laughter during that conversation.  I wrote all the other stuff – the glimpse into my mind right before the "has-not-been" conversation – because…well, because that's where I was.  That's where I am, at times, despite efforts to avoid it all.  What was originally intended to just be a silly post became something more.

I appreciate you all so much, all of you who come back here on a regular basis to read recipes or stories about my kids or the cats, or to look at my photos, or whatever.  Landing on Tastespotting is not really my life's purpose, despite the whining I did about it on Friday.  I was just having a little bit of a mental crisis, that's all.  A smidge of panic.  A soupçon of insanity. 

Some of your comments and emails made me cry.  Partly because they were so touching and kind, and partly because I felt like an idiot for even giving you a reason to write it.

But I guess we all have our George-Bailey-on-the-bridge moments, to one degree or another.

Thanks for being my Clarences.

I can't be a has-not-been. 

I'm still be-ing.

3 thoughts on “Being. And Thanks.

  1. You are indeed “being” — and certainly MORE thank just “okay”! You have a genuine creative spirit that literally glows on this screen. Do you know how RARE that is! ((trust me — I read LOTS of blogs and it is a GIFT!!)) And the sheer fact that you share your spirit with us is amazing! I am so thankful for you everyday. Every. Day. You Make Magic.

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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