Brief Halloween Recap

Just wanted to share pictures of my kids from last night…

First Bill (as himself), and our son, Boba Fett.  You'll note that he has no weapon.  He does, however, have a good stash of candy. 


And here's Julia…also as herself…hahahaha. 

She was particularly happy to be wearing a bit of makeup.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but she's got some glitter as eye shadow and a bit on her cheeks.  And, of course, lipstick.

Her gown is a bit too long (more on that in a bit), but it's floor length, and she's wearing her red sparkly shoes.  She's got little stick-on spiders for earrings to complete the ensemble.

Bill took the kids out, as usual, and I stayed home and handed out candy in my slightly witchy garb of all black, with a bit of glitter, some red lipstick, a red spider sticker on my collarbone, a stick pin made with a grouse claw pinned to my blouse, and my pretty black and green wiggly spider ring on my candy-distributing hand. 

Bill and the kids joined up with a couple other families we know.  Unfortunately for Alex, most of the kids were girls, and the other boy is only two.  Or three.  But once they started getting candy, he stopped caring about his companions.

All three girls – Julia and her two friends – fell during their travels.  Julia fell twice, but didn't cry either time.  Bill said she seemed to internalize it, and after the second fall (in which she landed on her face), she started losing interest.  One of the other mothers (clearly a smarter mother than Julia's own) tied up Julia's skirt so it didn't trip her up any more, but Julia was still kind of over the whole evening.  Bill headed back toward our house a bit earlier than expected.  He dropped Julia off, and then he and Alex went around to a few of the houses near ours that they'd skipped earlier.  Julia just wanted to be home.

Once she'd dumped her candy out on the floor, though, she cheered up.

The kids had fun handing out candy to the trick or treaters who showed up during the next hour or so, and then it was time for bed and lights out.  There didn't seem to be any more kids coming around by that point, other than older kids without costumes, and I'm sorry, if you're not going to dress up, you don't deserve the candy.

After both kids were tucked in, and I'd planted bright red lipstick kisses on their foreheads (much to Alex's horror), I came downstairs, intending to pour myself a glass of wine and go downstairs to watch spooky stuff on TV with Bill.  I went into the kitchen and suddenly someone was knocking on the door!  I mean, really, people, if the outside lights are OFF, that means the candy giving is OVER.  But then I realized that there was a very tall person there, as in, adult-sized.  And for a split second, I thought it was my brother-in-law, Jacques, though I had no idea why he would be in the area – he's usually at work at that time.  But I knew it was someone I knew – just couldn't tell who – and so I opened the door and it was the father of one of Julia's little friends, and Julia's friend, C, who was carrying a little paper bag.  Her father explained that C felt bad Julia went home early, and so when she got home, she'd gone through all her candy, picked out duplicates, and put them in a bag for Julia.  I thanked them profusely – how wonderfully thoughtful! – and set the bag aside for morning.  (No, I didn't pick through it.)

Then Bill and I watched Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures and fell asleep on the couch (Bill) and the big chair (me). 

And that was our Halloween.

How was yours?



5 thoughts on “Brief Halloween Recap

  1. The kids look great! Julia’s bangs are growing out nicely….

    I agree with you on the ‘no costume, no candy rule’ and when they are 20 something pushing a less than 6 month old baby in a stroller… I just want to tell them ‘go get a job and buy your on dang candy.’

    We had some Bluegrass pickers from the Square over… I’m sure we missed a lot of kids knocking, because we couldn’t hear them.

  2. My Halloween was very quiet. I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle for the night, and ended up doing a lot of baking (I rent a room and don’t do much of my own cooking). We got no trick or treaters, so it was decided at 8:30 that we would just eat all the candy ourselves and watch TV.

  3. We went to a grand old party at church…the kiddo’s a scarecrow and a pumpkin respectively 🙂
    Since my kids are small during bedtime I just put a big bowl out on the step and posted a sign saying “Honour System…take 1 or 2…people have no honour, I soon found out! Live & learn! Your Julia is precious and adorable…love the lipstick!

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