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Earlier this week I received a comment from a reader about a dream she'd had.  And I was in this dream.  I read the comment, and I laughed the whole way through.  So I asked her (her name is Amy, by the way) if I could share the dream in a post, just to make sure more people saw it, and she graciously said yes. 

So here's the dream, lifted completely from the comments section of a previous post:



I have to share a story with you…

We don't know each other. I've never even posted a comment to your blog before. Last night, however, I had a dream about you.

My partner, daughter and I (who live in England, though my daughter and I are American) went to your house for a visit. I was very excited because we were supposed to be baking something together, you and I. Upon entry into your house, something smelled delightful and there was a dutch oven bubbling on the stove. I peeked in it… and there was a turtle inside. It looked as though it were someone's pet turtle – and I wanted to rescue it, but then you said that it was part of the recipe.

We were making some sort of baked dessert that involved bread braids. I didn't know what it was. When I asked how I could help, you asked me to get the bread braids out of the oven and tear them into pieces. I did so, but without any sort of competence. I was embarrassed because I thought I knew how to cook but obviously didn't. You didn't ask me to do anything else.

For some reason I didn't know your name, and I asked you what it was, but you changed the subject and took us around your house. There was a sporting goods store upstairs, where your husband kept stock of hunting supplies, guns, and computers. Everything was laid out like a store, and alarm tagged, and my daughter, who is 17, set off the alarms. We hurried to leave before we were caught.

As we left, I wanted to say goodbye, and you were outside playing soccer with your children. I went to the window to knock and wave – and pulled down the curtains. I was so mortified that I just left them on the floor, with the security alarm blaring, and ran out the front door. Where I found my titchy tiny English car dwarfed by the huge SUV that your husband drove in the dream. I felt absolutely inadequate.

I have no idea where it came from, this dream, and I woke up and was amused and hoped that you would be as well. Apparently I think you are far more awesome than I thought.

Thanks for giving me a place to share this weird and wacky dream!


Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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