I mentioned in a couple of the last few posts that Alex's reward for finishing one of his guitar books is a sushi dinner.

Last night, while Bill was working, Alex practiced a couple of the Christmas songs he's working on – this is separate from the normal book practice.  Last year Bill arranged a simple version of "Jingle Bells," and this year, Alex is learning "We Three Kings." 

We set up his music stand and chair and footstool in the living room, because Julia was playing on the computer (she'd been waiting a long time for her turn), and this way both kids could do what they wanted/needed to do, and there would be peace and harmony for maybe a whole ten minutes in the house.

Anyway, Alex started in, and I was in the kitchen, and what got my attention was not the music, but the counting.  The pluck of a string, and then a focused, deliberate, "two…three…" before the next note was played. 

Counting's not easy.  It's taken Alex a while to get the hang of it – for a while he'd count the "one" after playing the "one" note…but he's doing a lot better now.

Anyway, I listened to him play, and count, and from where I was standing, I could see through the hallway and into a bit of the living room.  Just enough to watch him work. 

And I had to stop what I was doing and just watch.  And take a few pictures.


(I cropped both those images so you can't see the horrible section of that chair where the cats have sharpened their claws.  You can imagine it, now that I've told you, but you don't know EXACTLY how bad it is.)

Anyway, I found myself creeping closer, camera in hand, as Alex played.  He was totally focused and didn't hear me clicking away.

Well, he did hear me when I went in and sat on the chair.  And he turned in his chair to talk to me. 

I kept taking pictures, of course.  He's kind of used to it by now.

He wanted to talk about what to get for all the pets for Christmas this year.  Not just the cats, who have their own stockings (or socks, as Alex more accurately refers to them)…but also for the lizard and all the fish.


It's funny.  I pick him up from school, and he's got the seven-year-old-boy 'tude a bit.  Verging on fresh, doesn't want to play with his sister, testing Mommy's limits. 

But later, after all that wears off, he's this sweet, good-hearted little man.   Well, he still gets annoyed with his sister.  But that's normal.

Oh, that little dark line under his lip?  Remains of an ice cream sandwich.  At least he washed his hands before touching the guitar.

I could have sent him to the bathroom to clean his face…but it might have spoiled the moment, so I didn't.  Besides, this is what little boys look like, isn't it?

I look at these next two, and I see a mini version of my husband.  The comfortable, relaxed way Alex is sitting with his guitar…it makes me smile.

I'll stop talking now.  There's no need for any more words.

Oh, wait, there is a need for more words, apparently.  (I can't shut up when I'm typing.)

I moved around to a different spot in the room and asked Alex to play the two pieces he'd been working on.  I love watching his hands.





5 thoughts on “Fingerstyle

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    I love the rock star look. very cute!
    looks like the cat is enjoying the music .
    Congratulations on finnishing the music book.
    He does look like Bill.( I should know)
    I knew him then!! You know who this is!!

  2. beautiful pictures. thank you for sharing. It’s sometimes hard to remember when my little boy was 7. He’s 29 now. These pictures refresh my memory. And the comments about getting along (for a few minutes anyway) with his sister…..I remember that too. Thank you.

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