Inspired by Chickens

Julia wanted to draw something yesterday, but didn't know what to draw. 

I suggested she draw Auntie's chickens.

She asked me to do the "outline" of one and she'd do the rest, so I obliged.  The only other thing I did was to make the food thing (the big black cannister) in order to cover up one chicken sketch that Julia wasn't happy with.

Scroll to the bottom for a guide to her illustration. 


5 thoughts on “Inspired by Chickens

  1. As an art teacher, I’d have to say that she is definitely gifted. 🙂 Have you ever checked out the webcomic called Savage Chickens? It’s hilarious and totally kid-safe.

  2. It’s another chicken. One of the large reddish ones is Large Marge, the RI Red. Of the other two, one is the Bard Rock, and the other one…well, the one in the front that you’re talking about reminds me of the dearly departed Hawaiian.

  3. I just pulled up Savage Chickens – how cool! I’m bookmarking that. Thanks!

    And thanks for the feedback on Julia, too. I’ll have to post her lion sketches some time, too. She loves to draw, color, paint, and so on. I’ve got some artistic blood from both sides of my family – glad to see it’s flowing on down the generations.

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