Meet the Girls

They are, from left to right…

Large Marge, a Rhode Island Red, and self-appointed Queen of the Coop.

She's not all that friendly – it's that reserved New England personality, I suppose, haha, but she's laid two eggs so far, so she's definitely got a good work ethic.

Next up…

Gloria, a shy, sweet Black Silkie.

She's the smallest of the three, and very soft. 

And finally…

Well, this is She-Who-Has-Not-Been-Named-Yet.  I'm about ready to name her myself, in face, I've sort of named her Leila.  But she's not mine to name.  So I guess Leila is a nickname, if you can have a "nick" when you don't yet have a name.

Anyway, she is a Hawaiian, and she is by far the friendliest of the bunch.  She also rather fancies fresh earthworms, and will overeat if given the opportunity.  She had the opportunity yesterday while we were there – Alex and Bill kept digging in the empty garden beds for worms and she snatched them out of their hands as fast as she could.  (We tried to give Gloria the opportunity, but she was too shy and demure to actually accept them.)  Anyway, lesson learned – don't let chickens indulge in too many worms.  My sister had to massage Leila's crop to help with the digestion yesterday.  

"Oooof, am I stuffed.  Need to cut back on the lumbricidae, I think."

But apart from her gluttonous behavior, Leila or whoever she is was very friendly and graciously allowed Alex and Julia (and Bill and I) to pet her.

She also ate out of Alex's hand, which was very cool.

 She's very pretty.  They all are, actually, but the patterning on her feathers is just gorgeous.

I'll have more on the chickens as the week goes along.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Girls

  1. lucy,

    I’ve been there! I mean, I’ve read the whole saga on 3 Chicks a Day, and Occasional Chicken is in my Google Reader. Love them!

  2. Love the chickens! I get my eggs from Rhode Island Reds. I was kind of sad to find out that the owners slaughter them after a while because as they get older they don’t lay. Shudder. I guess they don’t have enough meat worth eating them either. Made me feel bad! LOL You’re right, Leila is beautiful, I love looking at the chickens at the fair 🙂

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