Our Wild Kingdom

This is Cricket-Catcher, in case you haven't met him before.  He is a Cuban Knight Anole and he is a Predator.  See his teeth?  You don't want to be an earthworm in our yard – your days could be numbered. 

Why then, you may be wondering, is he out of his tank?  Why is my husband holding him?  And why is the lizard biting the washcloth?

Bill was trimming the plants in the lizard's tank, and Alex wanted to pet the lizard, so Bill got the washcloth and used that as a barrier between him and Cricket-Catcher's mouth when he lifted him out of the tank.  The lizard latched on to the washcloth and wouldn't let go, so Bill switched hands and held the lizard with one and the washcloth with the other.

See that flap of skin hanging down?  He trots that out – it's called a dewlap – when he needs to appear ferocious.  He also turns a slightly darker shade of green.

But Alex got to pet him, and I think Julia did, too, and after that, Cricket-Catcher went back into his tank, let go of the washcloth, and probably spent some quality time cussing out the annoying humans who are only good for bringing him delicacies from the back yard.

7 thoughts on “Our Wild Kingdom

  1. So I was scrolling along, catching up on your posts here, and for a split secong — God help me — I literally thought it said “He is a Cuban Knight A**hole.”

    I was like, “C’mon, Jayne, he’s just a lizard. How big of an a**hole could he be??”

    This is what I said to you in my head. Then I saw what it really said.

    Uhm, I have issues. Please forgive me.

  2. Hahahaha – you’re not the first to read it that way, tracey! And sometimes, a**hole would be perfectly appropriate. Just a lizard or not.

  3. I read your first comment and never even registered the “secong” you typed. But now? Now I plan to use the word just to mess with my family. Thanks!

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