Quality Control

So I'm downstairs, in my work area in the basement, uploading more papery things to my Etsy store, and I heard a crinkling sound behind me.  Behind me is the tall work table I made (with Bill's help) out of the doors that used to be in our big closet before we turned our bedroom into the kids' two rooms.

Anyway, I turned to look, and here's what I saw:

There they are.  The kittens.  Just watching me.  And sitting on fabric that I've washed and yes, I know, I should have put ELSEWHERE so no cats would sit on it.  The crinkling sound I heard was Scratchy, making himself comfy on the one piece of paper that was lying down on the fabric.  It's actually a pattern I made, so I'm really hoping it's not scratched.  Mangled is okay, ripped would be kind of unpleasant.

Anyway, so this is what the kittens are up to now.  Gainfully employed as inspectors.  Watchers.  Observers.  Quality control officers.

I'd better get back to work.  They don't like it when I'm slacking.


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