Thanksgiving Morning at Mom’s…and at Home

Here is Stella.  She now lives at my parents' house.  She is thankful that she has a bigger dog to boss around.


This is my mother.  See that turkey on the stove?  Raw?  And dripping juice on the stove?  My sister and I survived childhood.  For that, we are thankful.  (Hi Mom!  Hahahahaha!)

Tthis is my sister.  This is her "I'll smile but I find you very annoying with that camera" look.  I see it alot.

This is the stuffing bowl.  That's all it gets used for, I think.  I will inherit this one day.  But as you can see, my mother isn't handing it over yet.  Something about prying it from her cold, dead hands…  That Mom…she's a hoot!

This is Rosie.  She'll be 16 right around Christmas.  She is thankful that she has this spot on the couch.  And that Stella is tiny, and if Rosie really wanted to, she could boot Stella into next year.  But she doesn't.  Because she's a princess and a lady.

This is my Dad.  He's reading the sports pages.  He is thankful my sister and I came over this morning to help Mom and he got to read the paper in peace.  Poor guy, surrounded by so many females.  He's also thankful his daughters are married and – bonus – each had a BOY child before they went and brought more females into the family.

Bread for the stuffing.  I'm cutting it up into 3/4" cubes.  Mom's very strict on this.  She gets out her tape measure and if they're even the teeniest bit too big, I get a slap. 


The turkey they got still had a single feather sprouting from one of its wings.  I'm sure the bird would be more thankful if it still had the rest of its feathers.  And a head.  And feet.


Here is Stella again.  She would be thankful if someone dropped some scraps her way.

Here's the bread for the stuffing again, all seasoned and ready for the chicken stock.  I am always very thankful for stuffing.

Stella is thankful she is small, so she can lie in big people arms and doze off like a human baby.


My mother is thankful Stella is a dog, and not a rodent.  (Hi Mom!  Hahahahahaha!  Love ya!)


And here's the bird, stuffed and legs tied so he can't leap out of the pan and run off somewhere.

And that was it at Mom's house.

When I got home, I took these pictures…this huge sage plant grows out of the pavement beside our house.  I mean, RIGHT BESIDE the house, in the crack between the house and the driveway.

The sage was bejelled with dewdrops when I left this morning, and they were still there when I got home. 

And there was also this guy:


 He is thankful he is only a moth, and way too small to be stuffed and roasted.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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