That Whole Not Enough Hours in the Day Thing?

Yeah.  That's where I am right now. 

I have all the laundry in piles on the floor, near the washer and dryer.  The piles are sorted by color.  And one pile is jeans.  For some reason, I find sorting the laundry very soothing.  Maybe it's because I like the organizing.  Or the simplicity of the organizing.  Or the fact that I can organize it any way I want to.  By color?  By fabric?  By person in the family the article of clothing belongs to?  By which room in the house it originated from?  Hot water?  Cold?  Warm?

Yes.  It's the little things in life…

I've got to finish cleaning up the kitchen, too.  Trying to clean out stuff.  Trying to clear my work table of all the clutter.  I'm putting all the paper scraps in one big bin, and at some point I'll organize the paper by (yes, you guessed it!) color.  Probably not today.  But soon.

I had a happy morning yesterday – I'd posted a few little sets of snowflakes made from recycled paper on etsy, and they sold!  And later that morning I posted another set, and they sold, too!  And they all were purchased by the same person.  I just added another set a few minutes ago.  I hope they go fast, too.

I spent part of yesterday making some more papery things – just waiting for them to dry now.  And Bill and I cooked dinner together, which is always fun.  Actually, he did most of it – he did my prep work for me because I was still pressing water out of my little paper things.  Most of the food was Thai, and it was fabulous.  I didn't take many pictures, but I'll probably post one of the recipes.  Maybe later today.

OH!  Here's a bit of cool news – my sister got chickens!  This has been in the works for a while now, and finally, yesterday, the first of her chickens moved in. 

They are, left to right, a Black Silkie, a Rhode Island Red (yay!), and a Hawaiian.

So far they aren't officially named, though it looks like the Rhody will be named Large Marge.


And that's all I've got for now – hopefully I'll be back online later with a recipe or something.

Hope your day is going swimmingly!

2 thoughts on “That Whole Not Enough Hours in the Day Thing?

  1. Oh, I was going to ask how the decorations are going? They are such perfect Etsy things, and I reckon you can get a really nice little business going. Just think after Christmas, you can have Easter bunnies (perhaps made to make a garland on a ribbon?) and little yellow chicks. And keep on going through the seasons…

    I’m getting excited for you. You are going to be RICH!!! And have a factory, and lots of people making things that you design, and you will have all the time in the world to pick out the colours.

    sigh. How lovely.

  2. Your sister is going to love having the girls around. I never thought chickens could have such disparate personalities. Until my three moved in. They are hysterical and so much fun.

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