The Funny Thing

You know those fried wonton thingies I made?  My offering of what to do with your thanksgiving leftovers?

Well, see, we had Thanksgiving at my parents' house.

So there weren't actually any leftovers at MY house at all.

And I knew this ahead of time, when I got the idea for the wontons (or ravioli or dumplings or whatever you want to call them).

So I bought a turkey breast on Tuesday and roasted it on Wednesday.

And I also made some really good gravy on Wednesday.

Then yesterday, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I did the following:

I baked bread, since we didn't have any.

From a loaf of the bread, I made stuffing.

I also made a cranberry sauce, since I didn't have any leftover cranberry stuff.

And THEN I made my "Thanksgiving leftovers" contribution.


Bill thinks I have mental problems.

2 thoughts on “The Funny Thing

  1. I giggled at this, my OH rolled his eyes at both of us. Then he told me to stop reading your blog cos it was making him hungry. Time for an attempt at your turkey & camembert sarnie…

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