What’s Going on in the Barefoot Kitchen Today?

Am I making cookies?  NOT YET!  I know I'm just setting myself up for panic and all-night baking sessions, but you know what?  I DON'T CARE!  I'm embracing the chaos.

So here's what else is going on…

More paper casting projects – including things like this:

I haven't put that on Etsy yet – but will before the end of the day.  The lovely thing about making paper creations like this is that they hardly weigh anything.  So I can make big things like this – it's around 4 1/2" in diameter (or diameter if it was a full moon), and they can hang on your tree and not drag the branch to the floor.  Or, you can hang it in a window.  Hard to see, but it's covered in glitter, so it'll sparkle when the sun hits it.

I'm also doing laundry, and I'm sure you can imagine all the exciting details for yourselves. 

Alex has a school project we'll be working on momentarily – he has to make a disguise for a turkey (on paper) so it won't get eaten for Thanksgiving.  Alex's is going to be a detective (his idea) – I'll try to remember to take a picture of the finished project.  Should be fun.

Bill's here in the kitchen as well.  He's got ribs going on the grill outside – they'll cook for 5 hours and will be eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head fabulous. 

Oh, and those sausages?  We bought those at our favorite Asian market recently – they're amazing – the flavor is indescribable, but they include lemongrass and who knows what else.  They're not spicy, so both kids can try them.  Bill cooked up a couple a few nights ago, and they were incredible.  These were made on-site, and they're not for everyone – a bit cartilagenous – but we figured it we slow cooked them for a long time, that should soften all those tougher, harder bits quite nicely. 

I've got squash and leftover macaroni and cheese and either salad or sauteed spinach to go with it.  Dinner's at four.  Bring a side dish and you can have a rib!

He's also brewing a 5 gallon batch of beer, here in the kitchen.  It's called "Holiday Cheer" (a Charlie Papazian recipe) and includes cinnamon and ginger and orange zest,

plus hops that Bill grew this past summer. 

The mash (basically that's soaking the grains in hot water, which activates enzymes that turn the starches into sugars) smelled delicious – think of really good oatmeal, only with roasted barley – it smells SO good, and I always get hungry when I'm in the same room.

So, our kitchen is a crazy mix of creativity.  The kids have both had their guitar lessons, and right now (sshhhhh – don't say it out loud) they're playing together nicely.

Hope your day is crazily creative, too!

6 thoughts on “What’s Going on in the Barefoot Kitchen Today?

  1. I hadn’t even thought of that as an earring, but of course you’re right – it is! You’ve helped me name that group of ornaments! Thank you! Can I make you one?

  2. Make me one? Id love it!

    I stumbled onto your site long ago while searching for a recipe, I bookmarked you and dont think Ive missed a day since. Watching your children is like revisiting my boys (3) childhood. Its so enjoyable to see a Mom that makes real food instead of fast food junk for their family.

    (sorry, tried to reply via TypePad reply but some glitch on my end wouldnt allow the send or preview to highlight, even after I signed in. Oh well here I am)

  3. Send me an email – jayne (at) barefootkitchenwitch (dot) com – with your address and let me know if you have a color preference for the beads!

    And thanks for reading! And for commenting!

  4. Jayne, In preparation for your upcoming baking frenzy, I thought you might like to know that Shaw’s supermarket has butter on sale for $1.88. What a bargain! I threw a bunch in my freezer.
    Happy Baking!

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