Brown Bagging It

Here, have a look:

Now look closer:


He's not a cookie ornament, he's made of paper.  Heavy-duty, grocery store issue, brown paper bags, to be specific.

And the icing?  It's royal icing - with some white glue added.

Looks tasty, doesn't he?

I also made these:

I love these.  My mother-in-law had these plastic cookie molds, the boy and the girl, and I just think they're sweet.  So I made them into papery ornaments as well. 

But don't worry – I'm also baking the edible kind of cookies, too.  My kitchen smells like cinnamon and cloves as I type!

7 thoughts on “Brown Bagging It

  1. You know, I did put in both spices, and they smelled great for a time, but as of now, the scent has faded completely. Maybe I’ll up the dose with the next batch and see if it lingers longer.

  2. Jen – that’s an idea worth trying. If I get a chance to try it out, I’ll let you (and everyone else) know how it goes.


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