Decorations for All

We've been doing things a bit differently this year.  Decorating the house in a more relaxed fashion.  Each day we've taken a little something else out of the closet in the basement and the kids are pretty much doing a lot of the actual placing of things around the house.

I had to help last night – we hung the stockings – all of them, including one for the lizard, who would probably bite Santa if given the opportunity.  I had to help with that because the things we hang the people stockings from are heavy and I don't want the kids messing with them.  And the pet stockings are hung on pushpins, and I don't want the kids messing with those either.

So I did the actual hanging of the stockings, but the kids have done nearly everything else so far.  And it's looking very festive around here.

Anyway, we came across this little cookie ornament Alex must have made at daycare years ago – it's dated 2003, so…well, okay, he probably didn't really make it himself, since he'd have been a year and a half at the time.  But anyway, it had lost whatever ribbon or string it originally dangled from, so I threaded some hemp cord through it and gave it to Alex to hang wherever he wanted.

And here's where he put it.

Yes.  That's the lizard tank. 

And the part I like best is that he hung it so that the front of the tree – the decorated side – is visible to the lizard.

And right now?  Alex is writing a letter to Santa to let him know that the blue stocking belongs to the lizard.  Just so he knows.  Because we didn't hang one for the lizard last year, and so Santa might not realize it.

It reads:  "Dear Santa,  Just so you know the stocking with the snowman is my lizard's.  Love, Alex."

Later I will grab Alex and give him annoying hugs and kisses because of this.

2 thoughts on “Decorations for All

  1. Not really sure. The lizard’s stocking is big enough to hold a small package of crickets…. Sometimes it’s warm here at Christmas – if the ground isn’t hard, we could dig up a worm or two. But that would have to be done Christmas morning – they’d just dry out and die in the stocking, and he wouldn’t want them. He likes to catch his prey while it’s alive. For that reason, frozen goldfish aren’t really an option…though they’d certainly be festive looking…in a creepy way.

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