Got Ink?

I know, I know.  I owe you a food post or two, I have another giveaway to announce, and who knows what else.

I will be posting all that stuff later.

I was, in fact, about to start a post about something I baked on Saturday morning, but then something else happened and I felt compelled to interrupt myself with this breaking snippet from my life here.

Julia got some Disney princess tattoos the other day in class.  It was another kid's birthday and all the kids got little goodie bags, which included tattoos and a pencil and I don't know what else.

Anyway, the other day she asked if she could put a tattoo on, and she did a good job doing it herself – I think it was Ariel, and Julia put it on her arm all by herself, and Ariel was right side up and everything.  Well, in swim class last night, the chlorine washed Ariel away, so this morning Julia asked if she could put on another tattoo.

I was checking email and said "Okay" and continued to stare at the laptop screen.

A few minutes later, Julia came back in the room.

"So, whaddaya think?"

I looked up.

It was Snow White today.

And…well…she was right side up, at least.


7 thoughts on “Got Ink?

  1. Oddly enough, she hasn’t even asked to have her ears pierced. Several of her little friends at school have pierced ears, but Julia is content to occasionally wear old clip-on earrings I inherited.

  2. Hee hee, cute! She probably saw it more as ‘face painting’ than ‘face tatoo.’ p.s. I think vinegar (or olive oil or baby oil or rubbing alcohol) gets those off pretty easily if you don’t want her going to school like that. =)

  3. I work at an Elementary school, we see lots of this… she’s good! Most that I see are upside down or side ways and have the marks of a upset parent trying to scrub them off. lol @ lynne’s comment. I’d just worry if she started clipping that clip on earring to her lip.

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