Finishing the Old, as We Welcome the New


Half a year or more ago – definitely more, actually – we began our big, crazy, re-do the whole upstairs project, wherein we divided our bedroom into two smaller rooms so that the kids could each have their own room.

Well, we're trying to get that finished.

We'd done MOST of it by some point in July or August, and there we stopped, because the school year was about to begin and we were sick of paint and dust, and because all that remained were things like trim and door frames, and we figured we would get to that at some point before the kids left for college.

Anyway, we're at that point.  Bill's been doing all the moldings and doorframe goodness, and yesterday I started my job of priming and painting.

I'll have pictures for you at some point, but right now I have to get back to painting before Bill gets home and gives me that exasperated look he sometimes has. 

But I just wanted to let you know what I'm up to.

Real posting will resume…soon.  I have a lovely, awesome giveaway coming up as well, so please keep checking back! 

Uh oh, I hear the truck.  Gotta run!

4 thoughts on “Finishing the Old, as We Welcome the New

  1. Ive made flan twice recently – for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Recipe and pictures to be posted (fingers crossed) tonight. When I can sit down and do it!

  2. merry new year, witchy woman!

    and best wishes in the new decade, from a godless heathen who regularly drools over your food porn, ahem, i mean– lovely photos.

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