Girly Girl

Julia had been looking forward to today for at least a week.  One of her classmates was having a birthday party AT A HAIR SALON. 

Oh, the excitement.  She's been telling everyone she sees about this upcoming party, and today, finally, was THE day.

I dropped her off around 3:00, right after school, and I dragged Alex into the building with me.  He kept trying to escape, but I just wanted to be polite and escort my daughter into the building and not just drop her off and speed away (which would have been Alex's preference).

About an hour and a half later I went to pick her up.  Bill was with Alex, so I went solo, and a little early. 

Oh, my, such a sea of pink and sparkles.  There were about a dozen or more little girls there, all with fancily coiffed hair spray painted pink or purple or glittery, or a combination of the three.  After a bit of scrutinizing of the faces, I found my daughter. She had the blue cupcake frosting moustache and goatee.

I hung out for a while while Julia and her friends primped and preened and applied large amounts of lip gloss.  Their nails sparkled and caught the light.

It was such a foreign world.

I wasn't ever – that I recall – a girly girl.  I think I went through a self-induced girly phase, oh, about 13 years ago, where I was working out a lot and, in a further effort to improve my appearance, I started wearing nail polish. 

That was the extent of it, except for the time around my wedding. 

I'm not a girly girl.  I wear nail polish on my toenails sometimes.  That's about it.

My daughter?

She is definitely a girly girl, when she's not beating up her brother.

She's a funny mix of rough and tumble tough girl and dainty, preening princess.  Today, she leaned toward princess…with a bit of Lucille Ball thrown in.

One of the other moms said something about today's party being a prelude to when they're getting ready for their proms.

Heaven help me.

But more than that, heaven help her daddy.

Heh, heh, heh.


4 thoughts on “Girly Girl

  1. That is a great idea for a party! But now that I think about it, how much would something like this cost? How many hairdressers would it take? Do you have to rent the salon? Do you have to pay each hairdresser for their time? Let’s change that first statement to “That’s a creative idea for a party!”

    Tell Bill I have a couple of $500 prom dresses he can get for REALLY cheap if he wants to go ahead and put them on lay-away.

  2. I dont even want to say the word prom again to him for a while, but thanks anyway!

    I know that the owner of the salon is a friend of the little birthday girls mother, so thats how that happened. I think originally they were thinking of doing this at the home, but figured its easier at the shop. And as far as costs go, I have no idea, but Im thinking it might be worth it to the salon in terms of word-of-mouth advertising. They did the party at the end of their day, and I dont really know how busy they normally are, the way things are around here right now. But if they get some new customers out of this, I think it will have been worth blocking off that slot of time for one afternoon. Better them than me!

  3. Well, you probably wouldn’t want Jolea’s Senior Prom dress. The following Monday after her prom the school put a dress code on Red Satin Dresses. Let’s just say Cher Barbie at the Academy Awards and yes the boobs were held together with a piece of clear mono-filament. I must have had a severe head wound. LOL and now look at her… she’s a deck hand on the Schooner Amistad. I guess someday she can fall back on those Girly Girl outings but not until she untangles those dread locks.

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