Busy day so far.  I didn't sleep well, either – Julia showed up in our room around 2 something in the morning…I couldn't sleep with her crowding me, but was too lazy to move HER back to her own bed, so I moved into her room instead and slept fitfully until around five, at which point I went back to my own bed so I could be in there when the alarm went off.  I have a little headache around one eye, and I know it's because I'm overdue for an eye exam, my prescription needs to be updated, and so on.  Ah well.

The morning was the usual stuff – feeding people and getting them off to wherever they needed to go.  I got a bit of painting done in Julia's room – haven't done any of that since…oh…Monday?  Anyway, did the new baseboard Bill put in along one side of the room – now I can move her bookcase and those things BACK to that side of the room and shift other things around so I can tackle the next portion.

On Monday, when I'd put the first coat of paint on the baseboard, I also painted tiny elephants – a mother and baby – above the electrical outlet near her door.  It looks like they're standing on the outlet cover thing.  I didn't tell her about them – wanted to see if she noticed them on her own, but she hadn't.  So today when I was painting in one of the two nooks in her room, and she wanted to help ("But I promise I'll be super super super super careful!"), I distracted her from that by telling her I'd hidden something on her wall and she needed to find it.  She loved her tiny elephants.  :)  Yay.  A point on the good mommy side of the chart.  There's also a little door in this nook that leads to a bit of storage area under the eaves (are those eaves?  It's basicallyl under the roof, really), but we don't use it for storage, in fact there's a fierce draft blowing in there and now that we're done with the painting, Bill's probably going to reinsulate.

Anyway.  There's a little door, and today I painted a big pink flower on it and below that, an elephant (a girl – she's got long eyelashes) sitting there, her trunk up, holding the stem of the huge flower.  I'll go back and add a bit more detail with the purple next time.  I think that's what I'm going to do as I finish this painting gig – either hide or just paint elephants here and there around the room.  It keeps me entertained, anyway.

Julia's got a little friend who, from the sound of it, has maybe a canopy bed or something similar.  I was thinking of putting a hook up in the ceiling above Julia's bed and getting some gauzy netting and giving her a fancy princess bed look.  Maybe. 

Anyway, I had to drop Julia off at a friend's house around 10:30 today and then go pick up Alex for a doctor's appointment. 

I've said this multiple times in this blog, and I'll say it again now.  I LOVE our kids' pediatrician.  I love the whole pediatric group, but I am always SO happy that we have the doctor that we have.

He rocks.

Anyway, the office has moved to a bigger location, and it's a feast for the eyes.  The lobby is an underwater mural, basically, all the way around the entire room.  There's a huge, awesome red/purple octopus hovering around one of the doors and the window where you check in.  And then each of the exam rooms are themed somehow – Narragansett beach is one, it looked like Jamestown was another one…and the room we were in had a painting of McCoy Stadium, with other baseball-themed details on the walls.

So cool.

The nurse came in first and checked Alex's hearing, blood pressure, etc, and weighed and measured him, and then checked his eyes.  Alex is just over 51 inches tall.  80th percentile.  I wonder what grade he'll be in when he passes me.  Probably third, at this rate.

Anyway, after all that fun stuff, the nurse handed Alex a johnny and told him to take off everything but his underwear and put that on.  He immediately dropped to a crouch, hands crossed protectively in front of…that area…and gave us both a horrified look. 

I love going to the doctor's office.  It's so entertaining.

I got him into the johnny, and then his apparently latent hyperactivity kicked in and he was basically a very blond and skinny and sweet tasmanian devil for most of our wait.

When Dr. S. came in, he asked his usual questions – age, grade, where do you go to school, do you like it, do you like your teacher, etc.  Then next is the talk about safety and health.  And the healthy portion – the part about exercise – led to a discussion of Wii games between Alex and Dr. S (who also has kids around this age), and how well they scored on this game and that. 

Next, the physical exam, with the listening-to-the-heart-and-lungs, and the looking in the ears, in the eyes, and so on.  Dr. S had Alex lie down while he checked his abdomen…"that hurts" Alex said at one point.  Dr. S was puzzled – couldn't feel anything unusual – "Does it hurt a lot, or a little?"  Alex considered this for a moment.  "Just a little."  As he got down from the gurney, Dr. S told me everything felt normal, and I told him Alex tells me it hurts when I brush his hair, so I wasn't worried about it.

Then, the "I have to take a look here" moment, which is the segue into "The only people allowed to look at your private parts are you, your mom and dad, and your doctor.  No one else.  If anyone else wants to look, you tell your mom."  And as Dr. S. was saying this, I could tell, from the back, that Alex had something to add to it, and I'm just wondering what in the world it might be, and he sort of raised his hand a bit and said "And it's okay if our pets see there."  And I just laughed, and so did Dr. S., who said "Well, I guess if they ask to see, then it's okay", and as he was checking the alignment of Alex's vertebrae, he looked over at me, still laughing and said "That's why I do this job!"  And yeah, I would think that is the best part of it all.  I think I love these doctor visits for that reason, too.  I never know what the kids are going to come out with. 

Anyway, yay, Alex is just fine, and – bonus for him – he didn't have to have a shot.  He did, however, have the flu mist, up his nose, and he didn't enjoy that at all.  The nurse had to grab his head to keep him from pulling back.  "I don't think I'm going to like this," he told her – fair warning, I guess – and she came back with "Would you rather have the shot instead?"  He tolerated the mist after that.

And then we went to McDonald's for a quick lunch, and then I brought him back to school.

It's so nice to spend some time just with Alex.  I don't get to do that all that much.  Usually if we're split up into two parent/child activities, it's – as my kids would say – "boy goes with boy, and girl goes with girl."  But I really enjoy talking to my son.  He's got a thoughtful, inquisitive mind, and a great sense of humor.  He's fun.

While we were hanging out in the exam room today, I did my usual "wow, we've been coming to this doctor since Alex was just a couple of days old.

That first visit – Bill was with me, too – and I remember sitting in the room with the Beatrix Potter theme, and things just happened to time themselves so that Alex was HUNGRY and I was nursing him, so I got him all latched on and was sitting there when Dr. S walked in.  How do you do?  This is my husband, my son, and I'm Nourishment.

Oh, I'm getting nostalgic.  He was so tiny!  Normal sized, yes, but still – he was probably just under 8 pounds, maybe a couple ounces under his birth weight – and about 21 inches long…and now…7 and a half years later.  Thirty inches taller, 47 pounds heavier.  I noticed his pants are looking too short, too.  Peachy.

Another bit from today.  He had his eye exam, and so he stood under the EXIT sign and the nurse stood at the wall where the eye chart was, and had him read the letters, first with one eye, then with the other.  "How did I do?" he asked, when he was done.  "Did I get them all right?"  "You did great," she said.  "You only got one wrong, but that's still just fine."  "Which one?"  "The one at the end – you said it was a D but it's a C."  And my boy – who does pretty well in spelling and math, so this was a bit suspect to him, I think – walked toward the chart, just to make sure that yes, it was a C and not a D.  I told him not to worry about it – he's not getting graded on it.

And now I think I've rambled on enough. 

I also think my headache-over-the-eye has faded. 

I think I'll do a little sewing now, until it's time to get the kids from school.

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7 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Aww, what a great drooly baby picture! You’ll have to save that one for when they ask parents for baby pics his Senior year.

    We love our ped group, too. We moved 20 miles away this summer but haven’t switched docs because they’re that good. They also have themed rooms. Our favorite is the bug room complete with a 4 foot ant under a giant magnifying glass.

  2. I love your stories! And I’m glad you have a good pediatrician. I am the office manager at a Pediatric Office and it makes all the difference in the world to have a great doctor!

    Ps..>I want to see pictures of the elephants!

  3. I have been reading your blog for a long time now, at least a year and a half. I spent ages just now trying to back track and figure out just where and when I had stumbled across your little website. I think it was sometime around when you posted pictures of a coffee cup cake, and sushi, I seem to remember an octopus ball in a bowl?…Although, I’m not entirely sure. I know I started reading quite some time ago, and got hooked, and probably did a LOT of going back in the pages to learn more about you, your family, and the food you love.
    Either way I am very glad I found it, your way of writing is so very candid. Sometimes you ramble, and sometimes you’re silly, once in a while you just don’t have it in you to put a smile in your words, you sometimes write about how you feel, and I bet every other woman out there reading your blog has felt that way at some point too. The good, bad, confused, and thousands of other emotions you’ve portrayed over the years. I know I have, even without having the same lifestyle as you. I’m probably not the only one either, who checks your site daily for updates, or just to see how you’re doing.
    I have tried many of the recipe’s you show us. Most of them bread recipe’s. I can’t for the life of me make a desert both look and taste good. It’s always one or the other. I made this gorgeous apple pie for Thanksgiving. It had a paper thin latticed crust with a little heart cut out. All done by hand, and when it was done baking, I held in my hands a golden masterpiece. When it came time to share it with my new husband’s family however, it was like eating apple cinnamon flavoured drywall!
    I absolutely love the photography, and the fact that you don’t feel the need to, or stress out too much over using the EXACT ingredients, or the perfect measurements. I usually bake my bread that way, but the feel of the dough. I have a tiny and very cluttered little kitchen, with a FISH TANK of all things taking up a good quarter of my counter space, so improvising is a daily occurrence for me.
    I am very young, and live almost four thousand kilometres away from my family, and I have yet to meet any of my three nieces, so anything you put up about Julia just melts my heart and makes me wish I were back home, even for a day. I’ve definitely grown attached to your little family.
    Alex with his butter cream hair, such a sweet little boy; you are so very proud of who he is becoming. He is a darling boy with a very very big heart, who seems to take pride in doing things well, and more compassion than anyone I’ve ever known. Julia, your little spitfire, throwing herself head first into life, absorbing everything around her like a sponge. She loves helping out in any way she can, I remember feeling that way because I wanted my mother to be happy and have time to relax. Perhaps she feels like this too sometimes, or maybe she also takes pride in her abilities like her big brother? She sure seems a delightful mix of delicate and indestructible isn’t she?
    I also have a big brother, who is roughly three years older than me, and the pictures you post remind me so much of him and I when we were little children. I remember one time he was not feeling well, and he was home from school, whereas I had not begun classes yet. So I spent the day with him on the tile floor in our kitchen, he wanted to lie there because it was cool and made his fever more bearable, and I fed him mini marshmallows one by one.
    I’ve almost written a novel here for you Jayne. My apologies, I was up at 1:30 am, perusing your newest entry, feeling happy and nostalgic for how you, your blog, and your family have grown. I wanted to let you know that you are cherished by hundreds, loved by many, and understood by all the women who read your blog. 😀

  4. Wow. Thank you SO much for commenting. I dont even know what to say besides that. Just…thank you for reading. And for writing here.

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