Earlier today, sitting around the table with some family – my cousin, his wife, my parents…Bill is home with a migraine…the kids are talking about playing Wii and Alex boasts about beating Daddy at Wii tennis and Wii boxing (now that we have two remotes)…and Alex mentions that when that happens, Daddy says a lot of bad words and screams….

And Julia added, "Sometimes Daddy says shit!"

Mental note:  Have a little talk with Daddy about appropriate word choices.

4 thoughts on “Language

  1. heehee–i have the same problem with Wii–specifically mario cart…thankfully I have no children yet, but one time I called a girl that was in a Bible study group that I lead a bitch…

  2. I do believe that there are bad words. I just choose different ones than most people. Many years ago I said the word “crap” in front of the school secretary at my son’s Orthodox Jewish school. My son was 5. The secretary told me that I’d need to watch my language now that I had a child. I told her that I DID watch my language. When her eyebrow raised I said “I would much rather my son say f**k than n****r.” She thoguht about it for a second and said, “OK. You have a point there.”

    I love your blog. It always makes me happy. Thank you.

  3. Hi Aidan!

    Youve made an excellent point, and I completely agree with you. Thanks for bringing that up. I, too, would rather my kids say f*** than n*****r. What a world of difference between the two.

  4. LOL @ Sarah… sometimes you just have to call ’em as you see ’em.
    Good point Aidan! I agree.
    I RE-learned all the good words in the Kindergarten years Jayne. The year Jolea was in Kindergarten, and then again the year Jeff was in Kindergarten and then the 3 years I was in Kindergarten as the Teaching Assistant. We called it the S word…. and some kids think the S word is Shut-up…. bless their hearts, they just haven’t been in Kindergarten long enough.

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